Saturday , June 3 2023

"Ismailia" is a local festival "Arab Creator"


General Hamdi Osman Ismailia became deeply angered by the citizens, saying he had nothing to do with the so-called Arab Creativity Festival that had spread to face Social Networking Facebook a few days ago.

The rumor about this festival spreading the name of Ismailia is a complete disgrace to health and reliability, and there is no official status or relationship with the administration after the individual or individual organization, and the organizer of this event is Ismaili No form of censorship applies to the name Ismailia.

The Governor also indicated that he absolutely and absolutely refused to use or use the name of Ismailia in any activity or activity that does not or does not comply with the respect and fulfillment of the law, and has notified the Department of Justice I emphasized that I gave instructions. An act that offends the public and causes publicity.

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