Tuesday , January 25 2022

I want to oust Mohammad Youssef from the position of football coach.


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Mohammed Yousif, who is the sole coach of the Ahly Club Football Committee, headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, has been the sole coach of the team, allowing him to concentrate by excluding him from the post of acting director. Two locations with emotion.

And one of the differences between the two Syed Abdulhafiz and Hussam Ghali committees, and is expected to announce the committee on this point over the next few days.

Al-Masry Al-Youm found that Patrice Cartiron, the technical director of the team, expressed a strong attachment to Mohamed Youssef's presence in the two seats due to a strong understanding between them during the last period to be discussed by the committee at the next meeting. This was to determine the dates of the team's major events at the time of a serious mistake in a letter to Samir Adly, the team's managing director, on a mission to Tunisia in a letter to the Ladess Stadium officials. Ah-Ally mistakenly left at 9 pm, and Casteron dated at 6 pm with Ahli Mission executives. I actually went to Rades Stadium at 6 o'clock, but I was surprised to see that the stadium officials had booked at 9 o'clock. When that provoked Ka's anger, he was attacked and criticized by Tunisian fans who stayed in the stadium for a long time while the team was on the pitch. Technical staff at Samir Adly, Ahli's Secretary General, And said that the signed signature had nothing to do with him, and that he had no right to sign the letter but was a member of the executive board of Al Ahli, who was on the mission of the Tunisian team. Team striker Walid Azaro expressed his dissatisfaction with the punishment when his shirt was torn in a Tunisian match at Burj Al Arab, and it is against the truth of his technical staff. He was shot and referee, he decided to calculate the penalty. Hussein Al-Shahat, the UAE's Al Ain winner, agrees with Al Agri's officials to wear a red uniform in January and agrees that club officials will either lend him or sell him to Red Fort He said he would not mind Al Ahli. The team is resuming training to prepare for the UAE in the second round of the Arab Club Championship in order to get a positive result that will rise to the second round after the first game in Cairo. Al 'Al' s alternative is to win Al – Wasl in his home. The result, other than scoring three goals per team, will destroy the dream of winning the championship. Patrice Cartier, technical director of Al Ahli, is expected to change his strategy at the Arab Championships.

On the other hand, the expected meeting between Saleh Jumaa and Mahmoud Al Khatib is to collect a session with the coach Mohamed Youssef, who removed all the differences in the player's presence, and then return to the team during the next winter transfer period in January, Decide between him and the technical staff. President Saleh promised not to make mistakes in the final period by opening a new page in his talks with Yusuf, and President Saleh stressed that this is his last chance and that Yusuf will build his future, He asked me to help him. Alary Club. Youssef has expressed his sympathy for the player and decided to open a new page with him to give him an opportunity but remains with Mahmoud Khatib's approval so the player can meet with the club president after returning from Germany. At the end of the game Patrice Cartieron's technical organization decided to normalize the player, and at Cartier's request, Mohammed Yousif (Saleh Jumaa) judged his level to the team and made the player's final decision on the next transfer window. Al-Karawi went on training Tuesday after a negative rest after players returned from Tunisia.

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