Monday , November 29 2021

I did not pull out Egyptian training


Egyptian trainer Mimi Abdul Razek gave a statement about the validity of his resignation of the team after the loss of justice by the limits of three.

Abdul Raziq's statement as follows:

"To the fans # Port Said … Dr. Mimi Abdel Razek gave his rejection not so far and went the fifth hour to the outline scheme and the love in Egyptian club did not handle any act against anyone. Nia Mbiteh Ltian Mustafa Yusef did not want to give up, but if he said it was the reason to play in He was interspersed with this question. Do not have to fit on the level of the world, covering 200 thousand pounds of & # 39; The coach, in which he has a table feature of technical point that the recession of the team is important and the board of # The directors have lost his decision and interest in technical competence and has the director of # 39; A quick information about creating players & # 39; And her decision to come back with Dr. Mimi, and this Fidel, the ignorance of the # 39 chief The club and some of the ignorant rounds made him the technical and administrative matters and management of # 39; the club of something ignorant. Greetings and appreciation of Capt. Hossam Hassan has been treated for 3 years and treated this ignorance, but after this conversation, people do not know what they are doing En mock the official side of Egyptian club for their personal goals . Dr. Mimi will take every legal action against these conclusions to protect its personal and moral rights.

Dr. Mimi Abdel Razek Technical Director of Egyptian Club. "

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