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How to Leave the Stars and Famous of the Arab World Sabrin Burshid?

The media and artistic media in Bahrain, Kuwait and Arab countries were shocked by the news of the death of young media player Sabreen Burshid, and the famous advices to greet the most beautiful Arabian announcers, they died to three cancerous tumors in & # 39; a head.

The Kuwaiti media reported Mai al-Eidan the news about "Sabreen's death", saying: "Artist and proclaimed Sabreen Burshid in a reminder of God after conflict with the disease, we are God and we come back to him .. God grace and forget them and bring down a good house and corner with the prophets and the just and God patient people. The group of good you is & # 39; is the life support of & # 39 ; the dead.

The prominent Kuwait journalist Faysal al-Ajmi mourned his colleague, Sabreen, and said: "We are God and we come back to Him. We are patient in the hands of God. I am moving to the grace of God. My dear sister, the media, Sabreen Ahmed Borshid. May Allah have mercy on them and forgive them. And forgiveness. "

While Bahraini artist Zeinab Ghazi commented on her friend Sabreen Burshid's death, saying: "We are God and we come back to him. Oh Allah, make their grave a paradise for Paradise, not a hole in the fire. God forgives them and their grace and the noblest of their house. "

Ghazi said: "Oh God, replace her a good house from her house and a good family of her. No god but you, O Hanan O Manan O Badia. The heavens and the earth must be patience Suprin Burshid mercy, O grace of The merciful .. My heart broken and left.

She told the Kuwaiti artist Ilham Fadala: "We are God and we come back to him. No power and no, but God. My heart was broken by the news that God forgets their mercy and patience heart of man, O Lord. ".

"I once met them in a justice court," said the Kuwaiti media personality Hamad al-Ali. "It was Samha and Bashoshah. Allah will have mercy on them and forgive them and compensate for their youth with Paradise."

And the Kuwait novelist Mishal Hamad uttered his sadness with the news about her death, saying: "Oh God, forgive them and forget about them and make what is struck by their expansion and elevation in degrees, Oh God, change their house better than their home and better than their family. "

Syrian media commented on Sabreen Burshid's death, saying: "A miserable day for the Arab media about the death of colleague Sabreen Burshid after a conflict that did not last long with the illness in the early 1930s. We are God and we come back to him. "

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