Monday , November 29 2021

Governor of West Bank has devoted major roads and tunnels


The chief General General Hisham Al-Saeed, Governor of Al Gharbia and the Execution Division, check all tunnels of the Governor (Al-Ajizi, Al-Khadr, Al-Qureshi, Mitt Hobeish, Al-Maitin Bridge, Tanta and Al-Jazira Tunnels in Kafr El Zayyat) to check the traffic flow and main roads. And Dalgamon Tunnel), healed yesterday.

And all the executive bodies and the heads of districts and cities traveled to places where the water was collected, and the cars were used to clean and clean the water from the facilities from & # 39; the Governor and the water supply company, sanitation and protection of certain sources: 30 cars in Tanta City, 21 in Mahalla al-Kubra and 7 cars in the city of Kafr El Zayat with submersible dredging machines, 16 cars in Samannoud, 3 cars in & # 39; s; the city of Zifti and 2 cars in Al-Santah city, without rain in & # 39; Qutour and Basion cities, so the stability of the situation in light of & nbsp; the persistent severe purest changes.

The Governor directed the General Directorate or Traffic to break his elements quickly to ensure that the vulnerability of wind power was not influenced, and the Governorate also visited the Central Operation Room in # 39; see the governor and make the activation of the screen saver. Re-supply of electricity to the villages of Fisha Salim and Kafr Khader and Kafr Masoud as Mgda Khrasset and its new drink and feeder Kafr El-Manshi Electricity Company West of Tanta and the mosque and Saif and Shnara and Gemayzeh and Bzfta Electricity Company east of West, as a result of high rainfall on air lines of resources tensioning, these are replaced by lines in & quot; the context of & # 39; the state to improve the service to citizens through investment plans.

In the same context, Major General Hisham Al-Saeed, Governor of Al-Gharbia, urged stringent measures to increase the quality of life and to re-start plans and to establish all operating cameras on the administrative level continuously weather was improved.

Al-Gharbia governor thanked all the members of the executive bodies and the supporting bodies for their deployment of yesterday and today to catch the bad weather conditions.

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