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Free games on sports live Zamalek and interior


Free online games Zamalek and the interior

Zamalek will be on Thursday evening in # 39; the house is served at 7:00, in the 15th round of & nbsp; Competition, at the Petrosport Stadium in the fifth meeting.

White leaves the top of the table with 26 points of 11 games, while the home team is ninth with 16 points of 13 games.

Switsers Christian Christian announced the list of 'team's team to follow:

Free online games Zamalek and the interior

Goalkeepers: Mahmoud Abdel Rahim, Jensh, Emad El Sayed.

In the line of defense: Mahmoud Alaa – Mahmoud Abdel Ati "Dunga" – Hazem Imam – Bahaa Magdy – Mohamed Abdel Salam – Mohamed Ahmed "Camacho".

Free online games Zamalek and the interior

In Middle Line: Tarek Hamed – Mohamed Antar – Mahmoud Abdel Moneim "Kherba" – Mahmoud Abdel Aziz – Mustafa Fathi – Ibrahim Hassan – Mohamed Ibrahim – Abdullah Gomaa – Mohamed Hassan.

Free online games Zamalek and the interior

Up front: Omar Al-Saeed – Yusuf Ibrahim "Obama" – Hamid Ishad

The match is shown in the absence of Ayman Hafni, despite the list of & # 39; The team, who hit the final match against military production, came to Kasongo Kabongo, who had not yet been on the international side of his country's shirt, and the Tunisian team returned to Hamdi Nqaz and his midfielder Ferjani Sassi, in addition to the abduction Mahmoud Hamdi "Al-Wensh" injury.

The Eurosport Arab key goals that make the White Team play in the game as following:

– Fifty consecutive victories

Free online games Zamalek and the interior

Because the Wite Team against their various team Smouha for each team on September 18, more than two months ago, the white team has only the surge of securities over four next league championship matches.

There he won the Arabian Underhanders two goals for the purpose and won the Tigris four goals for two goals, then on the border guards with two goals to the end, and ultimately to the & # 39; war with two goals.

Free online games Zamalek and the interior

The win will be the fifth successive victory, the number of teams has not done since the start of the competition to get 15 points out of five matches.

– Get the lead and pressure on Ahli

Free online games Zamalek and the interior

The white team won the house, and then the three points will be a leading gate, away from their rivals, and put the defending champions Al Ahly under pressure and power to try to get all the trophies to try to catch the White Knight .

Where the Red Team has only six matches so far in the local championship this season won from their left to participate in the Champions League, the # 39 finale lost to Esperance Sportive Tunisia three rain in the stadium Rades, to sell the dream of # 39; a African Championship for the ninth time in History Hero of the century in # the wind.

Free online games Zamalek and the interior

– The use of pyramidal rods

Hassan's team led by Hassan came in with a positive deficit against the Tigris Valley to get Zamalek's way to conquer the praise between them and Hossam Hassan.

When Zamalek wins today, they will have 29 points of 12 games, six points clear of pyramids, the same number of matches in the local competition.

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– A special conflict between Mahmoud Ala and Hossam Paolo

Free online games Zamalek and the interior

A special challenge will be seen by the match between Zamalek's defender Mahmoud Ala and Hossam Salama, the house in which the former has the Zamalek-shirt.

While both compete for the title of top scorers in # premier league, have the first 8 goals in & # 39; The sky was scared, so they were the top bucks, while the second was in second with seven goals.

Free online games Zamalek and the interior

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