Saturday , November 27 2021

Foreign world … the body of a health worker was taken from her grave and cremated in Helwan


Several Cairo investigations revealed an incident of excavation of the grave that left the body of his health worker in Helwan, such as the cremation of her body, that this incident occurred after the victim’s body was buried several days later .

Investigation reveals the identity of the body of a health worker in Helwan, who was recovered from the grave and cremated

Investigations confirmed that the employee worked at Helwan General Hospital, and found that she was “not married, and stayed with her brothers in Helwan, where she suffers from” diabetes “and died 9 days ago.

In addition, a team of Cairo investigating officers discussed the guards of the graves in Ezbet Al-Bagour, in which the cremation of an employee of Helwan General Hospital took place, and this comes after it was buried many days ago.

Cairo Investigations staff have kept surveillance cameras at the cemeteries, to find out who is accused of committing this crime, and to begin discussions with their family to find out the existence of disagreements that may be a major motive behind the crime.

The Cairo Investigations team took out the surveillance cameras, and also questioned witnesses and investigated many of the scales that befell them, and she was the one whose body was found burned after she was exhumed in her grave at a cemetery in Helwan, and it is considered one of the strange facts, because it is She died of infection with the Coronavirus, and her family has accused those who dug up the graves of committing this crime.

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