Wednesday , June 7 2023

Financial Management Numerous bills have been completed over the years.


Mohamed Omran, Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Commission, said the progress made in the Egyptian rankings for the fifth consecutive year, along with the World Bank "in business" report, would not have been achieved without ranking in nine countries. The committee, in cooperation with the institutions of the developed countries, should be prioritized in relation to the legislative process in the developed countries, and without the legislative process in the advanced countries, it was able to carry out the supervision duties of the committee to strengthen the informal sector framework and legislative structure.

This was the start of the second panel discussion of the State Council's review committee, in cooperation with the State Council and USAID, with the participation of the Prime Minister and a member of the National Assembly, "the role of the public authorities in financial and security supervision of the development and development of markets and non- And attendance of advisors.

Ahmed Abdul Aziz Advisor to the Ministerial Council of Ibrahim Al-Azzam is the Advisory Board of the Council, which contributes to the exchange of experiences on non-bank financial activities, the updating of various economic legislation, the discussion of technical considerations of each activity and the establishment of a scientific and practical economic basis. Expressed interest in When reviewing laws relating to markets and non-bank financial products, and when advising opinions, expressing legal opinions on the opinions expressed by departments and committees, judges and advisors of the Board of Directors, and when exercising supervisory roles and mechanisms in accordance with the Constitution Impact T method.

The committee chair noted that the specialization program in this seminar focused on two days to inform participants of the latest developments in the legal framework governing non-member financial activities under the supervision of a committee that emphasized the major amendments issued in March this year "He said. 26 years including the introduction of the futures trading rules, the establishment and licensing of securities trading contracts, the fulfillment of conditions, and the definition of securities trading contracts (futures – options contracts – swap contracts).

He continued as follows. "With the announcement of the most important features that characterize the activities of capital markets, the total value of the limited and unrestricted stocks of the Egyptian Stock Exchange and the Nile Securities Exchange for the month of September 2018 amounted to £ 32.8 billion, Total issued shares issued and issued The total authorized capital of the issued shares The company approved 395 shares with a total issued share of 8.1 billion pounds and a 13.6 percent change in September 2017.

In addition to the restructuring and issuance of Sukuk, one of the types of securities regulated for public or private placement and distribution in the Capital Markets Law, companies that are engaged in non-bank financial activities can start their own activities without requiring the establishment of a company for investment purposes. .

The activities of the seminar will be reviewed in accordance with the prohibited standards applicable to insurance companies operating in Egypt in accordance with internationally recognized control systems and the supervision and management of insurance activities covering the total premiums at the points of property and personnel In the nine months of 2018, £ 21.9 billion and the Egyptian insurance company paid a total of £ 9.8 billion for life and property activities during the same period.

The seminar also unveils a mortgage financing system that imposes legal structures and controls issued by the board of directors' board to regulate the supervision and oversight of the committee, new financial treaties and real estate financing activities.

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