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Egypt stock exchange news Sunday, 11-11-2018


The Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX) diversified on Sunday 11-11-2018 trading sessions, the most important of which is the closing of the Egyptian Stock Exchange, the start of trading on Sunday, the beginning of the week, the overall decline in all indicators due to foreign buying pressure, Closed at $ 779.98 billion at $ 4.9 billion.

Cancel coupon

Mohamed Farid, Chairman of the Egyptian Board of Governors, announced the suspension of all bids and applications from a preliminary session at Global Telecom Holding on Sunday.

The stock market was £ 4.9 billion

The Egyptian Stock Exchange closed its trading session this week with all the indicators down, under pressure from foreign traders. The market capitalization totaled £ 4.71 billion, closing at £ 77.19 billion.

With 221,000 transactions in 171 companies, the total transaction volume reached £ 218 million. Egyptian trade accounted for 84.81% of all transactions, non-Arab foreigners accounted for 6.24% and Arabs accounted for 8.95%. , And the institution accounted for 21.41% of the transactions on the stock exchange, while the remaining transactions accounted for 78.58%.

The net turnover of Arab and foreign individuals and foreign institutions in Egypt was € 7.2 million, € 2.9 million in EGP, € 48 million and € 7.6 million in EGP, respectively and net turnover of Egyptian individuals and institutions was € 58.3 million and € 7.4 million, respectively.

The EGX30 index fell 1.18% to 1,3570 points. The EGX index fell 0.55% to 2,188 points. The EGX20 index fell 1% to 1,3280 points.

The EGX70 index was down 702 points from 0.05%, while the EGX 100 index was down 0.23% to 1756 points, while the Nile exchange index was up 0.67% to 474 points. At the end of the transaction, 45 publicly traded companies were closed, 88 companies were down, and 38 companies were unchanged.

Credit Bank

Investment bank Faros expects Credit Agricole to achieve a 13% net income growth, an average equity return of 34% in 2019 and a net profit of 6.7% in 2018. Take the lead in the list of the best dividend distributors.

Credit Agricole's share price will fluctuate to 5.8 times the dividend yield in 2019 and 1.8 times the book-to-book ratio in 2018. This multiple is less than 9 times the 9-year return and book-to-book ratio of Commercial International Bank.

FAROS posted a net profit of € 584 million in the third quarter of 2018 due to an increase in profit from Credit Bank, up 19% QoQ and 5% YoY. First, net interest income (+ 9% + 2%) Second, the potential decrease in reservations in the third quarter after the premium rate reached 247% in the last quarter, the ratio of bad loans to 2.3% in the previous quarter improved, Management, down from 22% in the second quarter to the third quarter.

However, since the budget grew by 14% in the last quarter, loans grew modestly while funds grew by 10%, allowing more money to be invested in finance.

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