Tuesday , January 31 2023

Disinfect flood surge against rain


Ahmed Fouad, the assistant governor of southern Cairo, ordered his neighbors to take all the necessary measures and to increase the preparation of the neighboring battlefields in order to undergo the rainy season and floods and follow the Meteorological Agency.

The governor of Cairo announced in a statement that the availability of dump trucks and water-suction trucks, the regular passage of sewerage and the construction of signs for them were confirmed.

The vice-governor said there were four hoists in Helwan in the southern provinces, cleaning concrete and soil parts in tunnels where wastes were removed and Kafr El Alou's trash cans were placed in the first place, and the old roads were converted into people's residences in May. The Tigris Valley continued to the highway and highlighted all developments and immediate negotiations on the cleanliness of Cairo and water and irrigation facilities.

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