Friday , May 7 2021

Britain .. Queen Elizabeth intervenes to resolve the “crisis for funeral clothes”

A debate arose over whether Prince Harry and Prince Andrew should wear military uniforms during the ceremony.

Prince Philip died last year at the age of 99, and his funeral will take place on Saturday at Windsor Castle in Berkshire, south-east England, one of the official residences of the ruling family in Britain.

It is the custom on such official occasions that family members wear military uniforms, reflecting their honorable ranks.

However, British newspapers said there was a backstage debate over whether this should apply to Queen Andrew’s son, and her grandson Harry.

Harry, 36, who holds the title of Duke of Sussex, resigned his royal duties and lost all his military privileges last January after moving to Los Angeles with his wife Megan and her son Archie, but he wanted to wear the outfit that ” t he on had his wedding day.

As for Andrew, 61, who holds the title of Duke of York, he stepped down from official duties because of his ties to the late American businessman Jeffrey Epstein, who was besieged by scandals.

Newspapers reported that he expressed his desire to attend the funeral in an admiral uniform, which is the honorary rank bestowed on him on his sixtieth birthday, but he postponed attending until his return to public life.

To complicate matters further, the two princes were the only ones to take part in military operations, Harry in Afghanistan and Andrew in the Falklands War in 1982.

Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the reports, but the Daily Mail newspaper said the queen (94) decided that all members of the delicate family should wear mourning clothes to avoid embarrassment.

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