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Announcement of the most prominent differences between my phone “GALAXY S21 ULTRA” and “S20 ULTRA”

Announcement of the most prominent differences between my phone "GAL ...

The renowned technical expert and data leaker, the owner of the “Ice Universe” account, posted on Twitter, the first camera comparison between the “Galaxy S21 Ultra” smartphone and its predecessor, “Galaxy S20”

The technical expert and the famous data leaker, the owner of the “Ice Universe” account, published on Twitter the first comparison of the cameras between the smartphone “Galaxy S21 Ultra” and its predecessor, “Galaxy S20 Ultra” from “Samsung “.

The tech leaker said the high dynamic range works better on the “Galaxy S21 Ultra”, while the main camera lens has a wider viewing angle.

An insider, who has already tried the new device, claimed that the quality of photos taken with the “Galaxy S21 Ultra” camera is generally better.

The technical expert confirmed that the new “GALAXY S21 ULTRA” phone camera from Samsung’s predecessor, “S20 ULTRA” strikes.

In terms of specifications, the “Galaxy S21 Ultra” comes with a distinctive 6.8-inch screen, 1440 plus resolution, 120Hz refresh rate with adaptive refresh rate, 1500nit brightness, and the phone supports K4 video recording at 60 frames per second with all phone cameras.

The phone comes with a distinctive zoom of one to three times with a 108 megapixel precision sensor, with a magnification of 3 times with “telephoto” lenses, and digital zoom from 10 to 100 times with “periscope” lenses , and the 108 megapixel sensor has the advantage of integrating 9 pixels at one point, supporting “12-bit RAW”.

The camera settings include two “tele” sensors, a sensor with wide viewing angles, and the front camera is 40 megapixels.

The “Galaxy S21 Ultra” is available with random memory of 12 or 16 GB of RAM, with a storage capacity of 512 GB, and the “S21 Ultra” phone supports 50% charge within 30 minutes, with a battery capacity of 5000 mAh.

The phone also comes for the first time with an “S” pen in the “Galaxy S” series, and the “Galaxy S21 Ultra” supports “Wi-Fi 6E”, and supports “UWB” for file sharing.

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