Monday , November 29 2021

A useful basket for the prevention of cancer in a single nut!


Handling a handy whiskers during six weeks leads to a deregulation of the amount of gaming contents that are made by the body in the aroma. [إنترنت]

A handy whisk a day gives the development of heart disease and heart cancer, according to the results of a scientific study of scientists at the University of Illinois.

Where scientists know that this positive effect of nuts appears in six weeks following weeks.

According to the researchers, eating a handful of nuts per day in six weeks leads to a reduction in the amount of gaming goals that are in the body in the arteries and not in & quot; e Food or the major seedlings are produced, and the results of previous studies indicate that secondary gamos are linked to increased risk of cancer.

The sows are mentioned in 'arterial bacteria and caused damage to' cells of the digestive system, so a handful or nourishes one day the number of these bacteria disappears and the fetub of nuts is a good nutrition for useful bacteria in & nbsp; tough, and its reproduction is bacterial bacteria, improving the health of the heart and the mage and animals.

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