Monday , October 25 2021

Weather comes from January. People fly over the republic!


Meanwhile, the highest-ranked increase is expected for the inhabitants of Moravia-Silesia. "From the New Year will be 45 crowns of a cubic meter of water and 40 crowns a year, and it will have 85 crowns, and it is an increase of 4 crowns per cubic meter, less than five per cent, "said Marek Síbrt, spokesman for Severomoravské vodovody a channel.

But deliveries are great in Pilsen. For cubic people, people will pay two crowns – the price of water and wheat will be lifted from today to 86 crowns per cubic meter. The four-member family will thereby spend a year about using wallets.

The price of water and drainage increases in Prague annually. Even this year, it will not be different. "Prairie for 1000 liters of water pay 89 crowns of 66 liters, including VAT," says Tomáš Mrázek, spokesman for Praach Water Supply and Sewerage.

As of the new year, the prices will increase for water in other regions, the next week will be published by the individual water companies. Economists say that the cost of water is unmindable.

"We can not simply do not want water management to profit, they have to reach their profits and wasting the money, so expecting a minimum increase of two percent," warns economist Lukáš Kovanda.

In addition, water companies must gradually upgrade the distribution, and it is not even cheap.

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