Sunday , December 5 2021

Vojta Drahokoupil in shock! The cheater has misused his name and deceived about a thousand people –


A false alarm was caused by an unknown person who had made an appearance, appeared under the singer Vojta Drahokoupil. Instagram profile is as many photos of Vojta itself, but also his girlfriend, Kristýna Kubíčková.

More than a thousand watchers, believe that the postings completely add to Vojta for the profile, have been deceived. And now the person came a little further! It caused a bad alarm, when he wrote in Instagram that Vojta's was a real official account and changed his impressions. Therefore fans of Vojta refer to this new (but maybe) account. A small hight individual, after reading a few lines that are full of abuse and typing, make sure these words do not come from the head of # 39; the singer.

"Hello, I tried again to resume my previous account and fail to adjust and the e-mail has changed. I'm not the only one when it's done … In other words, the previous account with my girlfriend , I do not think … "" are the introductory sentences where the author thinks the main and minor sentences and other elements of the punctuation completely refrain.

The false account is instinct as _vojta_d_officialni. While the singer's real profile is called vojta_d_official. Vojta gave himself the whole thing. "I really do not know what people have, but this is enough for me." My account is, it's active and I repeat: it's the only real thing, "she asks for the singer to call her singer fans to cry out.

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