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Vmola vs. Vgh. slave brakes contract, pome UFC?


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The attempt to negotiate was two, they were also agreed upon conditions, Vgh was a freeblack, we had a big smile. Then XFN signed the campaign Petr Kare for

The first is a dispute, and it has not yet happened. It is no reason why XFN, Vgh will be released again. In Octagon I'm home when I'm comfortable here, if I go to another place? He will come to me, he finds me if he wants to. And he comes. The only thing that was to happen in Octagon was that he commented on the situation in last Saturday with the Vgh on & # 39; the press conference after the defeat of Miquello Falca.

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It's a trick on Karlos. We talk to our pensions, we deliver our hands. Attila would not have tried. All bullets rounded up are just Karls & # 39; sir, we will not go to his throat. The time is fixed, it's just a few, says Oktagonu Ondej Novotn provocative promoter last Saturday.

Jens XFN and Karlos Vmola are not involved with these issues. It is completely negotiated between organizations. XFN m offers, which means octagonal field arrest year, said Vmola.

If mt Vgh will be in future, we are ready to do. Until 2023, if the VMOL are against XFN contract, the cards are different. The time is played on the XFN or the UFC, or Kare.

And the first of the last vows ever wonder about a new spear. Vmola has long promised to return to the best-known organization. XFN, in Facebook, has a news release, and the UFC will be in Czech Republic in 2019. The cup was not attached and Kare did not respond to

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If UFU wants one uspod galaveer (best in Prague), XFN wants to make it possible for Karlos Vmola to appear. I will support the UFC, and the Attila Vgha will be under the rule, as it is the top Slovakian's commentator, commenting on the situation on Facebook Vmola.

It is a question of how big a word Karlos Vmola is negotiating with UFC ml. And there are also ambiguities. Would he sign up, where 't VGH did not offer for his UFC warrior? And would UFC keep it all?

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