Tuesday , January 31 2023

Ubuntu 21.10 has been released. It has new applications and features, but a short life – Živě.cz


After half a year, Canonical has released another version of the popular Linux distribution. Ubuntu 21.10 codename Impish Indri is the latest version with a short support of nine months (jump in July 2022). In the spring of next year comes Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, of which the makers will provide up to ten years.

Ubuntu 21.10 comes with a new Linux core 5.13 with bug fixes, optimizations and support for new hardware. Mj. it is a kernel ready for the upcoming processors Intel Alder Lake or AMD Instinct MI200 “Aldebaran” computing cards. But support for tablets and laptops is also being improved Surface and the first code Linux prepares for chips has been added Apple M1.

There have been several major background changes. Over the years, the firewall has changed from iptables to nftables, Nvidia’s proprietary drivers run the Wayland graphics server by default, and the updated PulseAudio 15 audio system has improved support for wireless headsets. It now also offers codecs LDAC, AptX and understands the Bluetooth HFP profile.

Ubuntu has introduced a new graphics desktop GNOME 40 with a redesigned look and panel of activities. At the same time, however, he keeps his own face with purple wallpaper, Yaru moative and a flat area with a dock on the left.

For applications, use Ubuntu 21.10 on Firefox 93 as the default browser, Thunderbird 91.1.2, which handles email, and LibreOffice 7.2.1 for editing office documents. Visit ubuntu.com’s official website for a full list of news.

In addition to Ubuntu with GNOME, were released yesterday with other desktops. You can try Kubuntu (KDE Plasma 5.22), Lubuntu (LXQt 0.17.0), Ubuntu Budgie (Budgie 10.5.3), Ubuntu Mate (Mate 1.26), Xubuntu (Xfce 4.16) and Ubuntu Kylin (UKUI 3.0).

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