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Trailers involve hundreds of thousands of crowns dozens of drivers


Update: 25.11.2018 09:05

Praach – Thousands of engineers who are trained every year by rail carriers in Czech Republic. Still, they still strive with their deficits, among others, is retirement. There are a few hundred ways in Czech Republic. This result of # CTK shaking under transporters. At one end of last year, according to the Rail Authority, 91,990 drivers in & # 39; The Czech Republic is higher than 1,400 pension. The average cyclist was 50 years old. In addition, the situation has recently been increased by a large supply of places and low unemployment, thereby reducing the appeal of employment appeal to potential labor force.

Drift training costs hundreds of thousands of crowns per one, and takes nine months, sometimes a year. Most trainers earn Czechoslovak railways. The company now works as 35,2500 engineers and up to 220 are in preparation. "We are constantly relying on new directors for colleagues that will continue to appeal to the retirement or to lose their health and sensory potential," said Radek Joklík, spokeswoman. Health care, especially looking and listening, are very strict. Many governors have to avoid prevention.

Self-driven governors are self-destructive by private drafts themselves. The region, which currently has 120 pensions, has six to ten new drivers per year, according to spokesman Aleš Ondrůje. Arriva, according to spokeswoman Romana Herden, this year has learned four new engineers who have not yet completed and has acquired three more with the experience of the previous practice. Leo Express is also practicing Leo Express, who is planning to add the status in next year to his status. Training is usually paid by the carrier itself, but in the direction of the new drivers must earn themselves for a certain period. Perhaps Region RegioJet three years contracts signed with the bidders.

The training of a new sender has several parts. Theoretical lessons take 280 hours. Customers also have hundreds of hours of travel and other practices, such as the trained train. In addition, dozens of hours of training must be matched by the train station in another biker than that for which they are located. New drivers, in the early weeks, are still hardest mode, under the supervision of more experienced colleagues on less striking lines or trains. Continuing sailing to the long track.

The failure of treasurers to tackle through recruitment, study programs & wages. According to ordinary unions engineers engineer in major cities, especially in Prague.

According to the Railway Authority, the number of railroad trains increased by 622 to 9199 people last year on Czech tracks. There were 41 women. Some 1,400 trainers were 61 years old at # 39; retirement, and almost one third was over 50 years old. The average biker was 48.5 years and the average monthly leaf was more than 37,000 crowns.



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