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There are 103,000 companies in R, but half of them are in Prague.


Kad companies registered in the Czech Republic are not active. According to the number of companies, it is 5.75 percentage points among pharmaceutical companies, not merged companies. Population surplus of inactive companies in Prague. Inactive companies are most active in business support for travel agencies, offices and leisure. Bisnode, a leader in information and business analytics, today announced.

There are 485,908 registered companies in the Czech Republic, of which 459,608 are limited companies and 26,300 are joint ventures. According to an internal estimate of Bisnode dn business activities, do not expose 102,913 companies that are 21% or more of the total sweat of a company in R. Of the companies with limited margins, 21.5% are SPCCHs and 15.7% are joint ventures. This is because you are financially involved in setting up and managing your company's shares. When an entrepreneur spends money on a company's stock, he usually uses the stock for the company. On the other hand, Bisnode Petra said companies with limited constraints have been simplified, accelerated, and cheaper in recent years, so it would not matter to set up a company or stop a company like Teddy Bear. There is only formal ambition for amendments to the Commercial Enterprise Law from non-economic actors. The amendments include trade names that may have been canceled without liquidation if they are not included in the drawing for 12 consecutive periods. Therefore, it is almost impossible for her to fulfill her duty to commit mistakes in the paper.

The highest percentage of enterprises is in Karlovy Vary (28.8%) and Prague (26.6%), with Vysoin (12.0%), Liberec (21.0%) and Pardubice Region (12.6% From an absolute point of view, there are 57,067 inactive companies in Prague. This is 55.5% of the total sweat of spch company in R.

* Statistics include limited constraints, not restricted partnerships or joint ventures, and statistics with company shares only.
Source: Bisnode

In some business sectors, the number of inactive companies exceeds 40%. Business support activities, travel agencies and agencies, and leisure activities. Conversely, innovation areas, Internet access by radio, and / or electricity and telecommunications power plant construction must be recognized by a minimum number of companies.

Top 5 Best and Lowest Number of Activities

Note: If your company only has fields with up to 100 topics
Source: Bisnode


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