Wednesday , June 7 2023

The week where a huge rebate begins. Do not be fooled.


The Christmas shopping column begins. The first "foul" is a discount event related to the so-called Black Fist. Experts say it is the final price, not the percentage.

The price of the new iron in the elektra shop was already "shining" at the sympathetic price of 1799 crown. The reality was different. The customer found that he was charged 2499 CZK when he paid.

The story of last year at Black Friday Black Friday was written by the staff of the Czech Trade Inspectorate (CTI), who then began the administrative process with the businessman of Velké Meziříčí.

This year's inspector becomes a security guard. The original one-day event and the Black Friday weekend event (officially Friday, November 23) were changed to a one-week deal from many retailers. Stone shops and especially on the Internet.

"But as always, everything is not gold, and the prices that are priced at a very high price are often calculated at fairly high prices," said László Zeleny, a lawyer at dtest, at the beginning of the discount madness.

"So it's important not to stick to the discount rate, but to compete and compete with each other at the final price of the item. Unfortunately, it's also necessary to keep the price calculated after the discount because the merchant's calculation is not appropriate," Green warns.

The discounts around Black Friday are the first of two highlights to shop for merchants ahead of Christmas, and the other one is one week from December 10 (payment date).

Due to the growing economy, this year's store expects not to save the Czechs. For example, according to Black Friday Global data, in the survey, Czechs can use an average of 5600 crowns per week. They keep clothes, electronics, shoes and cosmetics.

The E-commerce Association predicted that the total turnover of the Czech electronics store would reach KRW133.9 billion (CZK), up 18 billion from the previous year. A third of this amount will be trampled by merchants at the end of the year.

Colored with price tags. Points to note
Best of all, e-shops for discounts take up only a fraction of the total offerings, so Black Friday orders are primarily intended to bring consumers to stores.

"Another way to reduce the cost of offering discounts to customers is called the Black Friday edition," warns consumer attorney dTest Lukas Zeleny. The article is advertised as a standard but is actually a packaging material without any accessories normally delivered to the product. The connection cable, headphones, or battery may be missing.

In stone shops, you must keep the final price and price list at the cash desk. If it is higher, do not buy it. "It is almost always complicated in our experience to be reluctant to return price differences," Green warns.

Source: dTest

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