Monday , October 25 2021

The walk went to the usurers: so there's a lot to thank! They also earn other hockey players


Everything is precisely in media limited, but the problem makes some time. "I donated the amount about four years ago, but since this spring I have taught all the problems," said Procházka. He provided because he needed money quickly for a new home. "The owner of the house did not wait and I worked hard," he said in an interview.

Martin Procházka refused to thank 18 million, as some media say. "I delivered 4.5 million dollars, I delivered over two thirds, then told the people that I believed in the beginning that I could not pay the whole part, but she said they had to wait, Interest and punishments, "the previous attack remained. He learned from the people that he would pay an absurd amount. "I did not have much, it was good thought and I fought, I fight against that and I want to delete my name," proclaimed Procházka.

The hike, which came in 2012 in hockey and is currently the coach of 'second league', is not said they are in trouble. "But it is difficult on the psychological side, but I always struggle and fight to do that," he says. "It's inconvenient to get in the media, which also threatens my family," he says.


GALLERY: Martin Procházka mourns in debt

Source: Profimedia

Some journalists are available to sell the Nagano medal, by Prescházka's debt, published in an Internet election of 1.2 million. "It's possible that it's my medal, but I've sold it to my good friend and not for the merchants, but I never got the medal for four years," said Procházka with the fact that he was not Medal was lost by financial means, his friend wanted to go to his college.

The 43-year-old hockey legend is, however, not in trouble. The group of Ushers in Kladensko is told to get more athletes. "I was not the only hockey player they've been lying on, I do not know of others, but I will not call them names, I also know people who are out of the sporty environment And in that context they are even worse than me, I warn others about these people and also motivate them to fight them, as I do, "adds Procházka, who has already been a criminal complainant with a lawyer group of usurers.

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