Tuesday , November 30 2021

The Hussite is far too late. The building is, however, not after eight months


The whole martyr began in mid-March. After the reconstruction of a 670-meter long distance between the crossing with Trocnovská Street and Tachovské náměstí, however, traffic in the surrounding streets disappeared. The leadership of Praach 3 was then targeted by the TSK and the council.

Mayor Adriana Krnáčová, after repairs to Zizkov, due to the repairs of Husitsky Street, even declared that the inhabitants of #, which she later embedded. The city is then agreed with the builders that will be completed in Husitská road repairs as a priority, and the sidewalks will later play. Thanks to the renovation, the Husitská Pražský magistrát also changed the full reconstruction of Vinohradská Street and the transport company travels only in the sectors between Flora and Želivský stations.

"Reconstruction of Husitská was one of the most important constructs for us this yearnot only the influence of transport in the capital but also the scope and complexity of the work. Newly modified stops, pedigree victims with overseas divisions, new lighting, all hope that it will initially improve a little health of the busy Žižkovské communication, "Said Petr Smolka, Husitsky head of TSK, for re-perpetuation.

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