Sunday , October 17 2021

The guardian angels of Ivan and Charles: They have saved my neck, says the moderator


“It was a wonderful meeting again, Master. Karel Gott in a sense, he and my wife Ivanka saved my neck, “ names the website Špaková “I never had to share this thin line with this enormous man. But after the premiere of the documentary about him, I feel even more, what a miracle happened in my life,” the presenter explained.

What exactly was it about? The presenter would at some point have to deal with a difficult life situation that requires a financial solution. Charles Gott († 80), however, was the definition of the proverb “you will know a friend in need”. Ivana Gottová also played a role in this event (45), who Lucia often met at the time thanks to the moderation of TopStar magazine. She spoke to her colleague and gave her a helping hand with her husband in a difficult moment.

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The presenter will always keep the whole experience with the Gott family, under the guidance of the Master himself, in her heart. He proves that he has an endless admiration for the singer with his promise: “I could not find a man who could enjoy life more than he did. And I keep this message to myself,” added by Lucie Vonchitzki Špaková.

Olga Lounová at the premiere of the film Charles

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