Tuesday , January 18 2022

The crisis of Kate and William! Experts released the details.


The British Royal family remembered the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I on the weekend. A memorial concert was held at the Royal Albert Hall in London where Queen Elizabeth II attended. On the right hand was the second successor of Prince William. It is next to the Duchess of Cambridge.

When this couple appears, the photographer is alert. According to the latest couple photos, my husband is experiencing a sharp exchange of views and crises during the concert. Nora Lauk, a communicative professor of speech, felt something wrong with imitating expression, eye contact, and physical activity.

"In the context of nonverbal speeches, Prince William said," Conflict and internal uncontrolled tensions can be significant, "said Prince William." I will go ahead in a confrontational stance by stretching the body. " Kate Duke In the eyes of Prince William, you face your body, particularly in your left hand, in the body of Prince William, who creates barriers and inconsistencies. Both are facing each other and not joined together. Prince William looks at his heart according to his personality type and does not agree with the way of the conversation, he creates the tension / warmth of the inside that needs his hands to loosen or move his tie. Imitation is a burden on both sides. These two mimic expressions show that they internally resolve their opinions and analyze their feelings about internal conflicts, "experts Laukova told tvnoivnky.sk.

Whether seven years after marriage actually happened among the spouses of the crisis, it will show the time. William Kate can not be the first or last couple whose relationship will fail after seven years. Marriage In seventh grade, partners often do not look back and evaluate their lives or marriages and draw positive conclusions.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding:

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