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The best young wine is a sticker mark! Saint Martin will also bring sour wine from the new wine village


The best young wine is a sticker mark! Saint Martin will also bring sour wine from the new wine village

Another Moravian wine growing village is proud of Sysli's symbol in the vineyards. This time in the village of Miroslav in South Moravia, here are the syllables that have long been successful at sporting airports. The producers of the Miroslav wines, which produce wine under the AGRODRU®STVA WINE PERK brand, started to spread to the vineyards and orchards around the town by creating suitable conditions. Given that the vineyard meets a favorable agricultural environment, this year's wine wineries will get the golden mark "Sysli" in the vineyards.

There is a rare sister at Miroslav 's turf airport. This colony has been known by only 10 experts since 2008. Due to good conditions, the population grew slowly, with more than 650 syslas residing throughout the airport. The area is connected to a full vineyard and is ideal for systems.

"In the spring, two lines appeared in the small apricot tree of the vineyard. As part of the monitoring, we began exploring the Weinperk vineyards and vineyards near the airport, about one kilometer away from the" U Vinohradu "line I have found Nora syslos in some vineyards. Kateřina Poledníková of ALKA Wildlife, project coordinator of the year, says "this year's news."

Veronika Pakostová of WINE PERK complements her. "We know where they live when we work in the vineyards, so we were looking for clouds that appeared in the vineyards." We would like to contact Mrs. Polednikova and go to the vineyards to participate in syllabic protection. " Kateřina Poledníková of ALKA Wildlife adds: "Because the vineyards of AGRODRU®STVO Miroslav have been confirmed in 2018, there are vineyards on the sodas and cooperative lawns, agriculture does not use rodenticides, and the syslům is friendly.We will be in 2018 with the golden wine" Sysli in the vineyard " I gave it to him.

The vineyard's trademark Sysli has a two-year tradition. It is highly valued for the winemaking that makes conditions suitable for critically endangered syllables. Common snails are farmland species that require a short-tailed lawn. However, in the latter half of the 20th century, the strength of agriculture disappeared from our country. Land boundaries, field paths, small fields, pastures have disappeared and disappeared from the countryside and sysli. Unfortunately, some southern Moravian villages have preserved functional agricultural landscapes with a small mosaic of various fields, vineyards and orchards, and now have several colonial syllables.

"Sysli in the vineyard is a good idea," he says, "helping to preserve nature and tasting Moravian wine is a pleasant and useful marvelous combination, which is true in wine. Notes Environment Minister Richard Brabec.

"Their farming methods have made it possible to expand the syllables at the Miroslav airport, and this is very important. The area of ​​the airport is very important for the source population, but for relative survival of the syllables The participation of viticulture in managing landscapes is absolutely critical to the Miroslav syllabus. " I have concluded Kateřina Poledníková.

Miroslav wines from WINE PERK are available on the website (here). Sysli wines with golden markings from other winemaker vineyards are available at the Hnanicke Young Wine Tasting or on Saturday, November 10, 2011, at Hnanice St. Martin and young wine-related wine tasting events can be found. St. In the open sellers of Martin 17.11.2018 Velké Pavlovice.

"Sisleig in the vineyard" – Trademark

The brand Sysli on the vine has happened two years ago thanks to inspiration in Austria. Stamps are always delivered only for wine (not permanently) produced in the vineyard with the syllable of the given year, and the marked wineries should not use grass and rodenticides as syllables need to be processed. "Sysli Wine" can be found in bottles according to a small gold logo with Sylla, which is implemented by Alka Wildlife and funded by the EU (European Union) in the ERDF Fund, the EEA Fund and the Ministry of Environment.

Curriculum protection in the Czech Republic

There are currently around 6,500 syllables in the Czech Republic, mainly in about 35 isolated small areas in airports, golf courses or camps, and in six municipal vineyards and orchards in southern Moravia. Previously prevalent species were considered pests, but they did not harm the vineyards and orchards. Sysla threatened changes in the Czech Republic and Moravian after World War II. Land consolidation, management reinforcement, and the abandonment of inaccessible land (grasslands, small grasslands and pastures). Sysel disappeared from most parts of the Czech Republic and was preserved only in areas with lawns kept on a regular basis.

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