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Sparta fell for the second time and Liberec is in the market. Tinec host Boleslav

If anyone expected Sparta to chase it out like a prankster after Saturday’s debacle, he was wrong. Liberec again played confidently and took the lead, unlike the previous match. It turned out to be a momentary moment to fight the moment and he was preceded by Jurina’s hack, he just wandered to the penalty area. The last pesilovka in 32 seconds was used by Bul.

Liberec combined for a very long time and took advantage of Salka’s tactical take-out from the goal, using only Bul: he remained alone in the right circle and had to shoot two, non-sparse brank stall to move. That it showed how important non-standard pots are played on ice in playoff games.

He showed it, he gave the game a fight, in him fell the kind gl and in the 52nd minute. True, Sparta enjoyed a minute in balance, but only a second. Liberet treni noticed at the time that tonk Tomek was attacking in the goal of goalkeeper Kvu and the court did not recognize the goal at first.

ZMAR.  Save

In the case of Sparta, Musil was hit by a shot, only krsn gl. He grabbed the puck for Dvok in the warm-up, wrapped himself around him and sent a disc to the ground in the backhand for the surprising Salk, who would take it far from Brno again.

Sparansk ‘s frustration turned out to be Polek who was ruled out instead of trying to dream in a power play, and Bul decided: after a game from behind the goal, he spat quickly and just out of the hole. Zvren snen Tomka could only regret Liberu’s goal Kvu, that he did not hit the same account.

Tipsport extraliga 2020/2021

4. 4. 2021 15:00

The match ended in normal playing time


Salk – Dvok, Jurina – Kolek, Polek – Nmeek, Pavelka – Jandus – Hork, epk, Sobotka – Buchtele, Forman, Pech – Kudrna, Rousek, Tomek – Suke, merha, Zikmund


Kva – Knot, Vitsek – Kolmann, Rosandi – Derner, Hanousek – Havln – Birner, Lenc, Musil A. – Bul, Grger, Najman – Jelnek, paek, Vlach – Pavlk, Rychlovsk, r

Decision: Ren Hradil, Roman Mrkva – Ji Ondrek, Josef pr.
Except: 5: 4.
View: 0: 2.
Weakened: 0: 0.
Zsahy brank: 0: 0.
Poet divk: 0

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Tinec – Mlad Boleslav, watch online

Domc Slezan broke the unfavorable balance of the base, in which they lost all three interesting duels with Mladá Boleslav. They won 2: 0 by glm Martin Rika and Michal Kovak of the kind of aunt. Stedoei needs to figure out how to keep your hopes up for a shower. Will they succeed?

Tipsport extraliga 2020/2021

4. 4. 2021 17:00

April 4, 2021 17:00


Kacetl – Doudera, Gernt – Jaromsk, Musil – Freibergs, Kundrtek – Admek – Rika 27, Strnsk, Vrna – Hra, Kurovsk, Marcinko – Kovak M., Rodewald, paek – Draveck, Hrehork, Roman


Rika J. – evc, idlk – Hrbas, Plnk – Bernad, Fillman – Dlapa – Bievskis, Strnsk, Strnad – Kotala, astn, Zboil – Flynn, Kousal, Najman – Cienciala, Jskelinen, Trvnek

Decision: Vladimir Peina, Adam Kika – Vt Lederer, Michal Zka.

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