Tuesday , October 19 2021

Russia is threatened with infectious HIV infection. Me and the annex of Crimea, the Persian Svt


London Russia, and some post-Soviet states, risk a widespread and uncontrollable HIV epidemic. The study of the World Heritage Organization (WHO) and the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention, published in London, is present. In Russia, in 2017, 104 new cases of infection were reported, and the poet has the HIV virus with 1.2 million.

Most of the recent cases of heterosexual relationships in the last year have shown that the disease is outside the risk group. A number of people have been encrypted with me if they do not send a check, said Reuters expert WHO Masoud Dara. Rut lkai piznvaj, it is not enough love for love of love.

Ltka Methadone, a medical, its zen application is suppressed by human injections by stink, is in Russia. According to the Russian press, the annex of Eastern Crimea, where people of the HIV virus grow in 2014 after the Russian occupation,

His poetry, which had sexually abused with another blow, was not divided between 2008 and 2015, according to Russian statistics. According to my sexually transmitted diseases, in the Russian company's business, try to try the people for the virus. The organizations that fight in Russia with the HIV virus, had to take the offensive agent of a strange egg.

In other post-Soviet states, the number of sexual infect infections in the last ten years rose to 60 percent, WHO found.

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