Tuesday , November 30 2021

Pleky does not want to be happy! Lucie Vondráčková discovered what her sons were looking for


Since her new album has already been released, she has Lucie Vondráčková Probably more free time. "I am especially present for boys, we look at Jesus," said the singer. Due to her father Tomas Plekanec Invalid inspection in HNL and back to Bohemia, can not help with the acquisition of sons, as he would like.

Lucius Vondráčková does not mention it, however, Adam and Matthias have their duties in Canada, and their mothers have become clear that they live in the ocean. "The only thing that is strange is that they have no high school lunches at schools," she said, her children in Canada were injured.

But Adam and Matthias are of course not even. "The boys want to stay, they have friends, school, rings, you ask me to go somewhere, I do not want to exter, and I have to wait for the winter," Lucia Super.com told.

Vondráčková about the relationship rush: The speed of the door was great!

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