Thursday , January 20 2022

Photo and pay. Israel's non-participation party in conversation –


Information about the presence or absence of MEPs does not learn from Knesset visitors when they come to the building. On the wall is a screen with images of all the deputies. If none of them is, his photo is gray. When he arrives at the meeting, he becomes tired.

For example, Monday spokesman of President Milos Zeman, or 39 third party portraits of # 39; The deputy was gray. Part of the opposition boycotted his speech. It is a matter of concern for her that the Czech President is facing the establishment of a Palestinian state in 1967 with Eastern Europe as its metropolitan area.

In addition to the vouchers that are easily aware of the presence of their representatives through the information system, financial centers are threatened by the Israeli MP. If they are absent more than 30 percent, they will start to lower their salary. According to successful assessments by Czech visitors, the introduction of such system may involve the participation of Czech departments in # 39 sessions of & # 39; the Executive Council room.

There are 120 legislators in # Knesset. Currently, he has a high majority of coalition under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu, with 61 votes.

Czech representatives are cautious

The Czech law provides for the decision only for the unpopular absence of deputy and senators in the meetings of # 39; a relevant parliamentary chamber or their bodies. If the law of law is within a month of two days of # 39; The hearers did not try, he would lose the salary and compensation. In the event of an official announcement in four days of & # 39; hearing, he would lose all his salary and compensation.

However, sanctions are not used, according to which deputies and senators ensure that they do not earn time for their losses, for example by businesses, workers, health or family members.

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