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Online: Uncle turned fedcup duel with Kenin, Siniak


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Alison Riske is standing there to improve the leadership of the Czech team's hope Kateřina Siniaková. In favor of the 22-year-old Czech, they have a higher ranking in the rankings and maintain a balance of mutual co-ordination. The home team beat the United States twice, but in the last game of January, she lost her.

"I am ready and I feel good, I will concentrate mainly on myself," Siniakova believes.

But her rival is also confident. "I have a great training week and I feel pressure on the Czechs." He thinks before Riske, the only fedcup experience in the offshore team, starts.

My uncle prepared a lead in a great direction.

Strykova vs. Kane

We looked at the game in detail.

Barbora Strycova, who was conscious of her last action in the national jersey, started a match against American singer Sofia Keninova. At first it was because of her tension. She still suffered from feelings overflowing to her through a Czech anthem.

The Czech faced complications in the initial submission, but due to the sudden service, the development was canceled and the other party went bankrupt. The 19-year-old Kenin rushed so many dangers that he wanted to break through a wave that his experienced uncle patiently made.

After the Fed Cup finals are over, you. It's time, she said.

Domestic players were often able to return the ball to the court and wait for the enemy's mistake. And they also came. At 3: 3 and 30:30 the week, young Americans break up a simple smash on the net first and then re-align with brejkbolu, which does not pick up the high pitching ball again.

However, the unicorn did not help Kenin's final finish and the first set reached a duel. In Czech, the Czechs were 2: 1, but Americans of the attack added a lot of patience with a 7: 5 ratio of risk and shortened games.

The second act was better represented by the local representative. In all three games she had to face two bracelets, but she reacted with a 4: 1 lead. Strýcová looked ahead and looked forward to a 6: 1 win.

Also, a small Czech warrior flew with passion and enthusiasm. Clever gaming, great moves and tremendous personality combined with the three American bluffs have created a comfortable 5: 2 lead.

Then, for a while, the Czech Republic lost 9 of its 8 deals, lowering its opponent to 4: 5, but at the correct moment she returned to victory. After Keenin did not receive the call, the O2 stadium exploded with a deafening glorious flood.

"It was a very emotional game and I was still nervous, I really wanted to finish it and I got lucky, it came out of me after the first set, I thought I had to change, and it came out. Said in an interview with Strycova.

Pala was Siniak and Barbora Krejcikova, world number one singer and double grand slam winner of the year. U.S. nominees are Danielle Collins and Nicole Melichar.

Prague Tennis Federation Cup Final (solid surface):

Czechoslovakia – After the opening of the US 1: 0

Strycova – Keninova 6: 7 (5: 7), 6: 1, 6: 4.

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