Wednesday , January 26 2022

News Fio Bank: Google Pay, Instant Payments and Consumer Loans


Fio Bank will release new mobile applications by the end of this year and will offer Google Pay, a mobile-only payment, in January. As soon as you start operating in the Czech Republic next year, there will be more news such as instant payments, consumer loans and Apple Pay for iPhone owners. The bank notified the press conference on Tuesday.

Jan Bláha, marketing director for Fio Bank, commented, "Fio Bank will cover all kinds of products most commonly requested by customers and customers need to find services from other banks. "He said. Bank of customers in the Czech Republic.

Like any young bank, Fio has previously provided customers with free account management, domestic payment transactions, account cards, savings, mortgages and loans to companies. We issued credit cards in summer and two own equity funds in October. We initially focused on domestic stocks and the second was on US and European markets.

According to Bláha Fio, the bank was not the first to offer Gogole Pay. This year's focus was to secure part of the card payment processing process. "There is no intermediary between us and the International Card Association, and we are the only bank with a unique solution," Bláha said.

Fio Bank's new mobile app addresses the growing interest of people who manage their accounts through mobile or tablets instead of desktop computers by offering the same services as Internet banking.

"Customers investing in our company will no longer need to go to merchant accounts through brokers, but they will be able to buy shares through their mobile apps," said Blair. We will also prepare consumer loans without visiting the branch. Consumer Loan Launch Fio Bank plans a little later. "We will provide it in the middle of next year," said Blair.

At the same time, low-cost banks have found that customers want to be one of the first banks to credit up to 400,000 crown payments to other bank accounts 24 hours a day, including weekends. So far, it takes several hours to transfer funds to another bank's account, and the weekend will take longer.

"The central bank offers this option for bank wire transfers from this month and wants to pay it immediately in the first quarter of next year, but we have to test the system properly, but there is time for customers to put in more banks," he said. .

So far, no bank has paid immediately. Starting November 19, the Czech bank is about to start paying soon. He wants to offer them as a variant of the obvious payment method and at a cost of 125 crowns. According to Bláha, the pricing policy for instant payments is still a consideration and Fio Bank has not ruled that it will not charge a launch fee.

Fio Bank continues to grow through its customers. As before, the number of customers increased by 100,000 by the end of September. As a result, the bank plans to expand its 85 and 85 points to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, respectively, by the end of September. This year we have opened two new locations in Prague, one in Ostrava, five in Litoměřice and Brno.

Plans for five new offices, including a new subsidiary in Jičín, are scheduled for next year. Fio Bank also has an ATM that can deposit cash next year so that it will be interested in getting cash at the branch.

"This is a service especially for businesspeople, and some branches are overburdened because of this, and we often queue up because we want to install vendors in locations in Prague and Brno."

Fio Bank was established in 2010 with issuance of bank licenses to brokerage firms and subsequent consolidation of credit unions. Some of the Fio groups owned by domestic companies Romuald Kopun and Petr Marsa are RM systems. This year, the bank is doing well. This quarter saw a gross profit of 745 million kroner (CZK), a crown of 236 million a year ago. "We expect profit to reach one billion crowns throughout the year," Bláha said.

It will be a new record. Fiori Bank, which recorded record earnings to date, posted net income of $ 423 million last year. The size of bank deposits increased to CZK124 billion (CZK) as of the end of September, and the size of loans increased to CZK25.4 billion (CZK).

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