Saturday , September 25 2021

New blood. It’s already clear when the famous serial killer Dexter will return. Play the full trailer –

Showtime has released a full trailer for the Dexter series. To make it clear that this is actually a new series, it has the subtitle New Blood. The exact date of the premiere was also announced – November 7, 2021.

The new name of the serial killer, Jim Lindsey, is already known. If fans of the series are familiar, then rightly so, because Jeff Lindsey is nothing more than the artistic pseudonym of detective novelist Jeffry P. Freundlich. He has written eight successful books on Dexter under the name Lindsey.

Although Dexter ended up as a lumberjack in Canada in the original series, he now works as a salesman in the state of New York, far from hot Miami, the scene of the original series. It’s already known that the main villain named Kurt Caldwell is played by Clancy Brown. Kurt is the unofficial mayor of Iron Lake, living his American dream – from a regular truck driver to a business owner. He’s popular in town, dear, generous … until you cross his path. And we are not talking about his problematic son, who is helped by the great influence of his father …

First teaser:

When Showtime recently announced the return of the acclaimed Dexter series, it caused quite a stir. Station President Gary Levine announced that Dexter was an exceptional series not only for fans but also for Showtime.

This year, Showtime returns to the famous serial character, as they are said to have come up with a really creative idea that Dexter deserves. When the series closed its eighth season in 2013, probably no one expected Dexter to jump as a lumberjack. Many fans were very unhappy about the end of the series … hopefully it will be resolved this time. TV Showtime has announced the release of ten new episodes of Dexter.

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For those who do not know the series. The main character is Dexter, a serial killer who works as a forensic expert at the Miami Police Department. He investigates murders during the day and commits them at night. In return, it may seem strange, but Dexter quickly gained millions of fans. The series won the prestigious Golden Globe and Emmy Awards, among others.

To make Dexter’s return worthwhile, the original screenwriter and producer also returns Clyde Philipswho shot the first four series (after he left, the quality went down). Of course, we will see actors in the lead role of Dexter Morgan Michaela C. HallaIn the ninth season, in addition to the popular Clancy Brown, Julia Jones will also appear, as well as Alano Miller, Johnny Sequoyah, David Magidoff, Jack Alcott. John Lithgow and Jennifer Carpenter should also return in smaller roles.

In the last video, we can also recall the amazing introductory captions that accompanied the viewer through Dexter’s daily morning routine.

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