Tuesday , May 30 2023

More than half of the people do not follow their health condition and the survey is not. health


Prague 55% of the population is unhealthy, and more than a third do not fill half of the population in the foreseeable future. It is the result of investigating the lifestyle of business insurance companies people among the 25-year-old starters respondents. Regarding it and about 11 percent of alcohol on a regular basis. Denn sports a percentage of people.

A total of 27% of people are purchasing health foods, and 48% of people are not limiting chocolate, limiting one tenth of candy a day. Food composition is monitored by young respondents aged 65 years or younger. The value of the diet increased above average.

The most notable dietary supplements are vitamins and minerals. At least the season is taken as 79% of respondents, 18% daily or daily.

In the exercise and training, the results of the survey were not optimistic. 26% said people are running low. Den (Denn) sports only that proportion of people. In this regard, they oppose the diet he eats.

People love sports because they have lots of stars. There are 43 percent between them and 40 percent between them. Moving peace is about him and 17%. There are some people who have some obesity between strict seats. It is especially evident that Baek was obviously influenced by factors other than diet and free exercise.

The survey revealed that Tina people do not have enough sp. Almost 9% of people are actually cardinal problems. There are only 28% of people on that day, but there are more of them. 6.7 hours on business day, 7.7 hours.

Seventy-two percent of people are stressed and psychologically stressed and 17% are kad during a day or several times tdn. 31% of people are at least about the rest. Only 30% of people go to meat, health and sauna.

People know that healthy diet (88% of people) and active workouts (74% of people) are healthy lifestyles, but they are not really good. Respondents who live a healthy life should have adequate sleep and mental status (one-tenth).

People 35 and 54 are less satisfied with their way of life. ducats is the best satisfaction. Food and health issues will not be left to 17% of respondents. 53 percent are looking for healthy lifestyle information on the Internet, 28 percent of TV and radio, 23 percent of family and business information, and 18 percent of people. At the age of 25, 10 out of 10, and more importantly, were in a lifetime. This work was confiscated only 48% of the bag.

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