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Minimum wages are 2019 higher by 1150 crowns. What will she do with her?


The government is agreed to expand the minimum wage this week by 1150 crowns: from today's 12,200 to 13,350 crowns. The base rate will stand from January to 79.80 crowns, now it is 73.20 crowns. This is the second most important growth since 1991, when the minimum wage was settled in our country. Primary in this context last year when the height of 1200 crowns increased – as in the past twenty years the minimum wage grows, you see in the box on & # 39; the judge.

The approved amount, according to the COP / CSSD, takes into account the current economic development, the expected lending and consumer price and the favorable forecast of macroeconomic developments. "Work must pay people, it is not possible for people who work to work on working problems and take advantage of social benefits." Czech economy is in good shape, its performance is seven percentage of German economy , but our employees earn as much as thirty percent of Germany's countries, so I have to lower a minimum of minimum if we agree in the coalition agreement. Increasing the minimum Wages have a positive impact not only on the 150,000 Czech workers who receive it, but also on other workers if it generates a higher pressure on stock exports, " commented on the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Labor and Social Affairs Jana Malacova.

Representatives of entrepreneurs, however, consider the growth of the minimum wage by less than twelve hundred negative – their proposal was raised by eight hundred crowns. According to the Chamber of Commerce, raising income for innocent labor can be achieved by reducing total labor market expenditure: health and social insurance and tax. "The minimal lease of the state is increased, the employer's expenses are increased by CZK 1,500 to CZK 17,900 in a month. Deposits and taxpayer employees receive minimal loans and their employers will pay CZK 1.26 billion more than this year in 2019, "represent the representatives of the #European Federation.

Guaranteed leannes also grow

The minimum wage is only for unprofessional professions. In practice, it is a job as a helping hand in & # 39; the kitchen, storage, or post office. For other branches, the law defines a higher threshold, the so-called guaranteed salary. It establishes the lowest possible salary in a certain profession in height of its complexity, complexity and responsibility. This distinguishes the law between eight categories of work.

Working group

Examples of work

Guaranteed warrant in 2019

Guaranteed month lien in 2019


regular cleaning, delivery of items, collection and washing of dishes, check in and out

79,80 Kč

13 350 CZK


work of sanitation, kickers, sales sales, valuable and tobacco

88,10 Kč

14,740 CZK


metro driver, cash handling cashier, professional frisian and women, production and invention of half mills

97.30 CZK

16 280 CZK


medicines and family members with professional supervision, planting and heating facilities, repairers

107,40 Kč

17 970 CZK


Bus rides, nurses and family members without professional supervision, regular IT directors, pre-primary education

118,60 Kč

19 850 CZK


computer system administrations, business activities, organization of sales, creation of pricing, preparation of leading documentation and projects of technologically-sounding structures

130,90 Kč

21 900 CZK


Doctors, dentists, pharmacies, marketing strategies and prognosis, or university educators

144.50 CZK

24 180 CZK


creative systemwork, business and financial strategy planning, or operations on the financial and capital market

159,60 Kč

26 700 CZK

A full list of messages individually divided into individual groups guaranteed loans can be found in & apos; e Minimum Wage Regulation.

Unless the minimum loan that a person works on a DPP or DPP is entitled, the guaranteed delivery options apply only to employees in a women's employment relationship. Wait in DPP or DPP does not have a right to a guaranteed age.

If you work in a business business, your mental health can not be based on guaranteed leases, but by appointment by trade associations in a collective agreement.

Health insurance for OBZP or taxation

The minimum wage is, however, not merely with employee earnings. It also includes health insurance, taxes, and more. Which health insurance is the minimum wage determining the payment of advice to non-insured persons (OBZP). In the case of healthcare companies, OBZP believes that the person who does not work does not have an objectionable tax or health insurance not paid by the state. The amount of OBZP is calculated as 13.5 percent of the minimum wage. For this year, healthcare is OBZP 1647 crowns (12,200 x 0,135), from the following year he will be crowned on 1803. In other words, people without affordable income will pay 156 months a month.

Minimal wages are taxes, specifically a tax bonus. The tax bonus is entitled to someone who has received a negative charge after the discount for the child – the tax pays the amount that is minus, but no more than CZK 60,300. The bet for paying a minus sum is, however, that your gross earnings (sums of work or business) are at least six times the minimum wage in that year. This year, the CZK is 73,200, from the following year, it will be 80 to 100 crowns. This means that fewer people get the tax bonus.

Increasing the minimum wage will also include a tax deduction on placing a child in pre-school facilities – called so-called nursery. The maximum amount of this tax credit is equal to the minimum wage or the first day of the year. Utilization of income tax will thus amount to CZK 13,350. It is, however, a maximum department, in practice, the tax system depends on the amount you actually pay for nursing.

The minimum wage, namely half of it, is also decisive for the performance of non-compliant employment. A non-compliant commandment refers to a job seeker who finds a job search in a job that does not support employment. It is true that as a job is incomprehensible, the professional sex can be a maximum of & # 39; half of & quot; Minimum wage – from the next year to a maximum of 6675 crowns. In the case of non-employment, do not forget that since the last year people who have not been in the workplace have to be treated with an injunction.

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