Saturday , February 4 2023

Medical Chamber claims to raise the salaries of all medical professionals by 10% – Czech 24 TV


"The CLC did not agree with Vojtech's health minister and raised the salary of qualified doctors (grades 14-16) by 2% since January 2019. The CLC said the government has been paying 10% It requires a full implementation of the tariff increase promise. Congress also requires regular pricing for health services.

The Czech Health Ministry invited the Ministry of Health to cooperate with foreign workers without the approval of the Czech hospital. Foreign doctors from countries other than the European Union must be professionally trained to receive professional training. The Medical Chamber wants to get a doctor's name, doctor's name and doctor's name from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs every month.

Chamber of Commerce wants only electronic devices voluntarily.

According to the doctor in the field, eHealth should be voluntary to doctors and patients. According to the Chamber of Commerce, the use of electronic systems should be motivated by doctors, not fear of sanctions, and sanctions can be cleared for surgery.

CLC is prepared to prevent physicians from experiencing problems due to drugs prescribed in classical ways. Electronic prescriptions were introduced in January this year. The first year does not target doctors who have not joined the system.

According to the clinic, doctors must suffer from both voluntary and electronic discomfort. Congress ordered the CLC board to begin negotiations with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs on the resumption of work of the eNeschopen expert panel, including the Chamber of Commerce delegates.

According to the resolution of the General Assembly, the study period should not be extended and the young doctor and the language doctor may be motivated by the motivation to leave the other country.

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