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Lukáš Krpálek at the Tokyo Olympics



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Judge Lukáš Krpálek fights for a medal at the Tokyo Olympics. In the 100 kg weightlifting quarterfinals, Uzbek Bekmur defeated Oltiboyev on a wazari and in the battle for the finals he will challenge his home team Hisajoshi Harasawa, whom he defeated this year for the World Cup final in the Japanese capital .

Krpálek vs. Oltibojev received a penalty for passivity in the opening seconds as in the round of 16 with Javad Mahjub of the refugee team.

“Another tough game. We knew what we had to watch out for. It held on to both hands because we knew very well that it made beautiful shakes. It was very difficult to keep an eye on this the whole first half. , so he would not hide me with “I was punished for it, but we knew the whole game could not last at this pace,” Krpálek outlined his strategy.

Thirty-year-old Krpálek has a chance to continue the five-year triumph in Rio de Janeiro in the category up to 100 kilograms. A year younger, Harasawa defends silver in super-heavyweight and could win Judah’s ninth gold medal at this year’s Olympics. The final program, which will be preceded by repairs, begins at 10.00 CEST.

“I’m just saying I’ll leave everything here to take the medal from here, although I know it’s going to be extremely difficult. I went to the World Cup final with Harasawa two years ago. I knew how to win, but it was was a great tough match, “I know the Japanese are now very well prepared for the Olympics,” said the Czech judoka.

Teddy Riner is out of the game for the third Olympic gold in a row. The legendary Frenchman lost in the quarterfinals in the so-called gold score with the Russian Tamerlane Bashayev on a wazari and he will have to make corrections in the battle for bronze.

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