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Long-live fax is lost. Available and in January

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From July 19th, 9,795 pieces were faxed in a distribution, which is several times two and a half. Gardasil 9 is an intractable drug for anxious patients, so the supplies need to be used firmly for annoying annoyed patients, responding to the questionnaire. State of the Speech Status Control (SKL) Cervarix.

Left is the vid

On the left side you can see healthy well-being and progressively the main steps of anterior mucosal changes.

Gardasil 9 has entered this window door and is not replaceable for patients with the first and second doors. The vaccine is inoculated against human papillomavirus, which, for example, causes long-term cancer.

The reason for the peruvians is Peterov's worldwide demand for vaccine against Gardasil and Gardasil 9. The manufacturer says he is increasing investments and having capacity for vaccine production. Unfortunately, the available production capacity is not capable of fully satisfying a demand, Peterov said. According to her, the Peruvian van will probably meet the European country.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a frequently occurring virus that lives with and 80 percent of all sexually active enemies. Normally, the virus only causes a common infection, which may not even manifest itself externally and eventually disappears. Problems arise when at some point the effect on the body factors has been given such as stress, poor life or other illness, and thus if woman, in contraception, is promiscuous life or has many births.

To hack his daughter or not to dock against cancer of a long pk?

Then, quite a banal infection, which causes our immune system to normally cope, can degenerate into a series of changes in the mucous membrane of longitudinal and ultimately into cancer. More here: To punch or not dock your daughter against cancer of a long pk?

Danger even for the mouth

Long-term cancer is roughly a thousand women in the Czech Republic, and four hundred of them eventually end up in this disease. Before the disease develops to the last stage, ie the stage of invasive malignancy, it is time to disappear and ten years after the first occurrence of any pediatric changes at & # 39; a mucosa of long lived mucus.

HPV virus is also dangerous for the mouth. According to David Cibula's oncologist columnist, he participated in development as pain carcinoma (malignant disease of the horse or penis, nose. Red.). Both diseases are rare in heterosexual populations.

But in homosexuality, the incidence of anal cancer is far away. A fax against HPV virus also makes sense for heterosexual menus. If they want to protect their partner you & # 39; t in the past is not hammer, they are the big risk of infecting them.

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