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In Jablonec you have a unique choir, an extended life for the people with the boats


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The first gastroenteroanastomy was given jabonet lkai in May this year, on November 20, she was in the quarter.

Patients with pancreatic disease or fatal stevia may avoid surgical contractions that may cause complications. I do not have to direct the leadership of the jet, I feel unwell, and I'm sick after a short time by giving them the day's day.

The latest patience was under supervision of about twenty pianists and Slovak endoscopic and endosologists who had a regular workshop in the hospital.

The operation takes only a few dozen minutes

An operation that only takes a couple of minutes, tells the story of introducing a so-called stent between two unusual orgasms. The stent is, according to Vladimír Noska, the prime gastroenterological department of the Jablonec Ice Cream, only a decrepit with a metal closet.

Two patients were stamped, for example, a stethoscope, twelve or two, sentenced to a surgical procedure. In recent years, we have to replace these endorse activities. These are metodies that are very elegant, efficient and quick. We will make these addictions that will be between the air and the steve, or between the puddles and the twelve and the paths of the road. In this way I can handle my diet and swallow, explains Nosek.

We will replace the surgery and the patient will soon get to the house.

Rastislav's debate in Dnsk, recognized as a world-renowned anastomist, adds a new method to get you through an irreparable maline disease.

We have some data that helps us to improve their lives. Do not fuck by the. Her diagnosis is difficult, but the quality of her life is increasing. Toddlers do not need full anesthetics and often go out of the house for a day. In classical surgery, the patient was allowed to go for a minimum of one week of hospitalization and get no food. That's it, explains Rastislav Kunda.

Lka: The splinter is the hardware of a human mouth

Lkak Jiina Pintov from Jablonec Gastroenterology Department, under most of the problems with the aluminum and pancreatic pat is not the way of life. These are alkoholic excesses, diet, but I will also steal the luvstone to the skeletons, or it is a disease that is sick, says Pintov.

Rastislav Kunda argues that one of the pancakes is a kind of hardware that is a human mouth.

We have completely purged that we have ever eaten, drank and sown. It can not be reset and if hardware is pepling, it's bad, say experts.

Steps, when they describe the method when the only link between Aludek and Steve was executed in Jablonec, including a terno pole.

Take the market, but let's make it in the last years, these years. We are just twenty seconds round. But we are financially limited, stubs are all expensive and the insurance company is not close. We take a walk when the hospital is found, and we have to make these steps ultimately, Vladimír Nosek closed.

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