Thursday , January 20 2022

I have lived a good life, and the negligent answered. He was 10 years old to hit in his head –


The Court of Appeals abolished the five-year ban on Gál's Prague residence. Otherwise, according to the chairman of Senator Jiří Lněnička, the trial court correctly assessed all evidence.

A year ago, Gál at a garden colony in Florence, Hloubětín, broke the head of a 32-year-old man who had just been tied up in a tent and hurt by a hoe. The man who was hit by his head paralyzed his left leg and his left leg.

Gál defended the fact that the attacker and his friend sold drugs, customers walked his land, and people continued to say "continue" for two years.

He also does not agree with the hole. The man clearly stumbled upon Gál's self-defense attack. However, forensic experts have been excluded, so the nature of the injury corresponds to the hoe tool part. Also, there was evidence of blood and fiber from the damaged lid.

Six times more convictions of ordinary citizens

According to the defendant, everything was recorded and destined for what he did not do.

"I did not hurt anyone, it took me away," Gál said in court on Wednesday. "They stole all my property and they broke down the cottage, I was lucky, my mother was ruined at home, he's not paranoid, I'm not, I'm selling drugs delightfully," he added.

He always led his life and tried to help as much as possible. However, the Court of Appeals can not agree. "The defendant introduced himself here as a flawless person who helped maintain order, and six previous beliefs about various criminal activities do not meet these characteristics."

The Slovak people also helped testify to their neighbors in a mainstream colony where Gall reported "great dreamer and fairy tale." "In the fact that he grew up in a gang, he told the law that he was a pilot and owner of the ship," said the attacked neighbor.

Gál must also pay $ 100,000 for non-material damages.

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