Friday , January 28 2022

I found a substitute for Krmenčík shyly. Doležal was called a representative at Jablonec.


Ladek Petrasek, CTK

After Sunday's 3: 1 victory against Bohemian 1905, Jablonec striker Martin Dolezal was looking forward to a rest after a difficult schedule. He can not relax, but he does not mind a special Canonian! The coach, Jaroslav Šilhavý, later brought him to the new national team, a 28-year-old striker.

"I did not know that I was in the substitute, but if the coach calls me, it's up to him, of course, if she did, she would be happy, but otherwise the world would not disappear. "Dolezal scored two goals Sunday night against Klokany.

He is finally in front and will be attending the first meeting of the national team waiting for matches with Poland to match Slovakia.

Do not rest.

Additional nominations for Olomouc groom changed plans. "I look forward to a son I have not seen in a long time," he said, planning a long trip to Kazakhstan, and scoring two goals in Prague on Sunday, ending him on Sunday.

"I am delighted to have scored goals when I do not play in Astana after injury." Dolezal was injured in an ankle injury in the European league in Rennes in September, and was away for almost a month but was confirmed on Sunday. Return to the mold before staying in Marrode.

"The situation is complicated by injuries and we are dealing with Michael Krmenčík's alternatives: we have more time to complete the four players: he has a one-point striker, a player in the middle of the field, It must be, "he said at a news conference. He pointed out a good deal.

He will meet the Jablonec team and Michal Turavník (national team) and he will cooperate fully with the goal of winning two to one in the league. "We saw the grass on the edge, we saw each other, we ran to the front pillar, the grass gave me a good job, I just prayed for a good job, and fortunately, "Doležal said, and now the Czech team can use the game.

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