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How much petrol can a Czech and a Swiss buy from a salary? OVERVIEW –

The covidu-19 pandemic has made fuel cheaper. In 2021, however, fuel prices began to rise again. The largest year-on-year price fluctuations were recorded in Hungary (+ 20.2%), Turkey (+ 19.4%) and Luxembourg (+ 16.9%). This is according to the fuel index, which Picodi has been preparing since 2019.

In the Czech Republic, petrol prices rose by 5%, placing the Czech Republic in 35th place in Europe. For example, in Croatia prices rose by 14.9%, in Germany by 10.6% and in Slovakia by 10%.

The opposite trend was observed only in Malta and Albania, where fuel prices have fallen somewhat since last year.

The cheapest petrol in Europe is in Russia, where you pay 54 cents per liter (14 kroner). On the other hand, the highest petrol prices in the Netherlands are at 1.72 euros (44 kroner). In 104 countries around the world, it costs the least liters of petrol in Algeria (7.50 kroner) and the most in Hong Kong (60 kroner).

It is interesting to convert gasoline prices to the average salary in a particular country. Russia has the cheapest petrol, but a Russian can only buy 938 liters of this fuel for an average salary. And that is only seven liters more than the Czech Republic, which with an average net salary of 28,428 kroner will buy 931 liters of petrol.

The best in Europe are the Swiss, who buy with an average salary of about 126 thousand kroner and an average price of 35 kroner / liter 3582 liters of gasoline.

Quite the opposite, the people of Albania can buy the least petrol. A liter costs 34 kroner there and with an average salary of 9,700 kroner an Albanian can only pay 289 liters.

Big differences in the world

In terms of purchasing power of the average salary, they have long been at the top of the world rankings of the Persian Gulf, which is Qatar (6532 liters), Saudi Arabia (5170 liters) and Kuwait (5158 liters). For example, Americans can buy 4723 liters of fuel from the salary, in Australia it is 4128 liters, in Canada 2616 liters and in China 955 liters.

Cuba is at the bottom of the list. In this country, a person buys only 26 liters of petrol from the average wage (2 liters less than a year ago). Tajikistan (188 liters) and Zambia (214 liters) were slightly higher.

According to the authors of the index, Venezuela is also worthy of attention. The country, which is facing an unstable economic situation, continues to maintain the limits for fuel purchases in the past year. “Every citizen can buy 120 liters a month for about 0.0015 euros / liter. If he exceeds the limit, the price will rise to 0.42 euros / liter. According to our calculations, the average salary in this South American land enough for 230 liters of fuel (120 subsidized and 110 at full price), an increase of 82 liters compared to 2020, “said Picodi.

In the Czech Republic, prices are the lowest in the Ústí region:

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