Sunday , October 17 2021

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Coins and medals for 2.35 million euros were sold at the auction in Prague on Friday, or for roughly 59.7 million crowns. Even with the auction surcharge, which is 20 percent, the total amount was nearly 72 million kroner. The most expensive coins in the auction were the St. Dozens of records were put up for auction.

According to the auction house Antium Aurum, which organized the auction, the event was attended by about 250 people, in person or online. “Compared to last year, we were not limited by measures against the government epidemic, and so a higher number of participants came into the hall,” said Pavel Kroužek, owner of the auction house Antium Aurum. According to him, collectors are very interested in St. Wenceslas ducats. The demand is greater than the supply. The owners have a hard time giving up, “he said.

32 St. Wenceslas ducts appeared at the auction, together they were all sold for 597,050 euros without an auction surcharge, or more than 15 million kroner, including a fee of 18 million kroner. Coins that were once normally in circulation were also auctioned for record amounts. For example, the Czechoslovak five-crown coin from 1951 was sold for 600,000 crowns including a fee, the twenty-five penny from 1932 for 360,000 crowns with a fee.

The auction also offered gold medals today. The most expensive medal of the evening was that of the period of Francis Joseph I. Gold Medal (50 Ducat) – The engagement of Crown Prince Rudolf and Princess Štěpánka Belgická was sold for 1.8 million crowns, including a fee. A gold medal (40 Ducat) from the same period was also auctioned for the unveiling of the monument to Archduke Charles in Vienna, where the amount went up to about 1.68 million crowns.

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