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Dukovany must get EZ, be Babi. The shares of 'business' fall down and talk about the problem of minority interests


The nuclear power plant of Dukovany has been operating since 1985 and 1987. According to estimates, the current blocks are expected to reach 2035.

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The construction of the new nuclear power plant Dukovany nuclear power plant, according to Prime Minister Andrej Babie (ANO), must be borne by a subsidiary of EZ-company, which means electricity. The Stt is ready to support the investment that guarantees a kind of success, Babi said. EZ says it has a minority shareholder. Honor of EZ on Premiere at # 39; The market is 551 crowns. Sold to 555 crowns per share.

The CEO EZ Daniel Bene said Thursday that preparations for the construction of a new core block continue. "For us, we are all at the same level as the state institutions and the EC we have pointed out," he said. The highest figures can be expected after the work, after 2027, he adds. It would be better if the energy was about a hundred percent. "I think it would be difficult to say if he did not close the action of the minority, but that discussion was not a bad thing," he said.

"We have been convinced that the investment is effective and that it is reversible," said Babi on a seminar on the Dukovany Electric in Vali in Tebsko. He said that it was not true that he had only the expansion of the Dukovan block. "We want to analyze all the money, but we are clear that we want EZ to build a new block in Dukovany," said Prime Minister.

The daughter of company, which, according to Babie, ensures the construction of # 39; to block, should be the active part of Dukovan and Temelna. The guarantee of investment would be EZ, stt would be a bargain. You need to have the technology and technology to build a block of you, and accidentally. He referred to references to the opening blocks in Finland and Slovakia.

"Unlike the premiere, I think the construction of new nuclear reactors in Dukovany can also be economically efficient and withdrawn, which is one of the most expensive sources of electricity," said Edvard Sequens of the ecological organization Calla in press releases. He uses a pro-production reactor project in the world. You are invited to comment on the economic implications of the investment model of building new reactors in public spaces and consumables that should be completed to go, he adds.

Minister of India and Trade Marta Novkov (for YES) said in August, and ending # 39; The summer year should be a financial model for the construction of a new international core block. In December, Babi started over a dozen years of Dukovan's monk long life.

The mayor in surrounding area, including the Vysočina Region, has supported the support of Dukovan. This seminar was handed over by a security committee working on ducal electricity. But John said, in the middle of the year, she knew from & # 39; the promise that they decided to build a block. "At the end of June we want to drink from a particular sky, for the first time we will extend the function of the Dukovany powerplant for 60 years and we will move the decision on the new construction for 10 years," said he. Babi, as first, was a nonsense. "We must be in the middle of space, we must be here for the MSC," he said.

"Do not let us know how it will be 31.12 We want to decide and decide, and we will have enough background," said Vali Novkov. She said she wanted the energy concept, the life of a block Dukovany had an alternative. Also, according to N, the construction of a new block of moles would ensure the EZ, which would be financially financially funded. "EZ has done it for many years in high win and making dividends," she said.

"Minority societies have demonstrated their nuclear power," said EZ spokesman Ladislav K. He said it was a long-term strategic investment, but a short-term profitability was discussed. Litigation could block the building for many years. "It's easy to do," said K.

The minister president said that minority moods have a different interest. It is especially EZ to go back to business, he adds.

The block of core block in & # 39; The ass is, according to two sources, a company. It is the Russian state-owned Rosatom, the French EDF, the South Korean KHNP, the Chinese General Nuclear Power, the joint project of Areva and Mitsubishi Atmea, and the US Westinghouse. , for your recent learning and speaking for a core block in United Arab Emirates.

EZ is the most energy company. The majority action is a state that has a 70% stake in the Ministry of Finance. The nuclear power plant of Dukovany with a total installing capacity of 2040 megawatts is consumed in electric cars in the Czech Republic.

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