Monday , November 29 2021

Do not let the power, perhaps the SSD platform. I'm looking for Babie as innocent, explains Zimol Home


PRAGUE The SSD made a strong voice to hold the party in the Cabinet in Andrei Babie outside office. To match coalitions, we call for an SSD partition. The group around South Zimola and Michal Haka will remove me to take the cause of the case and the horn would not be liable. Ji Zimola, in 's ovens, is in the process of meeting the agenda with the SSD.

He raises the saddle leaflet right before him, not the parties, together with SSD-deputies, will discuss the future of 'coalition cabinet'. An enraged seater and a deputy club started around 13 o'clock.

We have seen it (and hnzdo, pozn. Red.) is a problem not a democracy of societal, but a movement of YES and Andrey Babie. And so, I'm the most important, let's see the regulation of innocence, and I'm still there, I say to Zimola. Your platform, after its third party, has also appealed to the SSD deputy to hold the party in cooperation with YES. Is this debate overturned?
She was not announced by the discussion. We went to a circle and talked about how things changed since spring, when we vote in a party, and how much the situation is? We have matched the position we have presented. Do not mention any single mouth to let SSD Babi Cabinet?
No, that was not really. Your platform is also known as the president of the republic. The chairman is the meeting, how many have you taken on a weight crisis?
Not always. The president, with us, was not sitting on a single platform, none of whom he did not want. looking for a president's opinion, or a correlation with his pen, is complete waste and fraud. You have said in a resolution that SSD-MEPs should not be allowed to go through a failed attempt to provoke a major crisis. Do you not think that in the current case of Babia's premiere, and that the other is at # 39; the road to the SSD to increase its position in the country?
No. There was nothing wrong with the situation. Even at the time we agree to go to the village, we see that Andrej Babi is punished. They are in orgies in criminal women, and they say from their side that they are out of # the court. We have known that this is not a problem of socialist democracy, but of YES and Andrey Babie. And so I'm just a drunk, let's see the regulation of innocence, and I'm still there.

Babies look like an innocent Babi is not banned, Babi will be woken up or even condemned. Are you sure that SSD is in disk?
That's what the cookie thinks. If you give your partner a handwriting and sign a loan, you must keep it. And in the coalition agreement there are mechanisms there that the SSD is dealing with being terminated after the original, convicted. But I did not do that, and until that time, Babie heard, I swear I'm innocent. Coalition Agreement on the fact that even the crime condemns only the villa in the pre-trial period. If he does not, all SSD ministers will withdraw, and then they will take the contract to prevent them. Do you think that, in such circumstances, the Prime Babi and YES have a coalition agreement?
I do not have to move the hunter to move YES. I like to be in social democracy. Oekwm, social democracy will deal with as a reliable partner who has signed a coalition agreement. And, according to me, there was no change in & # 39; the parameter in & # 39; the coal mine contract.

Candidate As one of the main arguments in your resolutions, you have indicated that SSD spn supports the link program. What do the parties say in your case?
I do not want to repeat the words of Okamura, that would be the SSD in & # 39; replace the district, to support it for a democratic democratic program. I could have liked, but I do not know it all, it's a secret. But it is true that it is in line with the loss of vision program we have with Andrey Babi and his negotiators. Jak mám na mysli?
And you agree on a number of minimal wages, all of which are expressed in salary laws and I can not change the full redundant carnation period (these sick days without a crown of employer, note). These are all things that are a clear sign that we want to do a democratic democratic program in our country.

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