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Diet in your diet will improve your mood Health


ROM For example, if we share the principle of a reductions, there is no disaster, but we have to keep it under control. If we want to achieve a long-term goal, like ordinary deterioration, an extraordinary value fixing will enhance our mood and strengthen our capabilities to strengthen other requests. Referring to the results of one study, the Italian television Corriere della Sera writes.

Are you trying to lose extra pounds and think you have to destroy all your favorite shots, even holiday? This is not the best idea to make a certain exception for eating not only the outcome, but can also be usable. This is indicated in a study by a team of Dutch scholars who are published on the # 39; Personalities and Social Psychology Bulletin.

Scientists have come to conclusion that if we pass the seduction if we have a good reason, it helps us not to interpret this behavior as a failure that has tried us to eliminate a goal, but as proof of our own cell control.

And that the idea is absolutely unmatched that we always avoid any loss when we reach a long-term goal, such as regular reduction, and research published in Journal of Consumer Psychology. In this study, portraits and Dutch scientists who use three experiments for eating diabetes have shown that if a variant behavior in action is planned, it can retain self-control and continue the program. In other words, these "troubles under control" improve the mood and strengthen the ability to combat other seduction.

What practical lessons can we learn from these studies? "Of course, it is not possible to get the first destruction that comes to us, which is the way to lose control, let's learn when we have good reasons and that these good reasons should always be in the & # 39; the business of others, not with the desire for good or comfort, "says Nicoletta Cavazza of # 39; the University of Modena.

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"It's not practical to start a diet with the idea of ​​keeping it long. It's better to count on the beginning of the conditions we're ready to get the limits Bread: In the dinner there we taste the culinary specialty of a holiday, holiday, special or family friend, if we do not want to cook the cook. Then we return to the diet with innovative determination, " since Cavazza.

After this programmed crime we can plan a light day to make it even more trusted that we are psychologically stimulated and not violently injured.

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