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BIM is an interesting topic for managerial facilities


On FM Week as BIM the BIM – the most problematic location for BIM for facilitating management is the actual execution company. She also has security – one buy item can serve twice, for its primary purpose and security. Also interested in traditional themes – prices and law in FM.

Facility Management Week 2018, photo editor
Facility Management Week 2018, photo editor

A number of well-known figures, leading experts in the field of FM, came to the Conference Facilities within the Facility Management Week. Discussions and readings gave real issues and interesting views from practice.
The FM week is organized by IFMA CZ. The motto of # FM Week of # 39; a week like Space & Prosperity.

Conference The Facility Management Week 2018 became a place in the historic building of the Brno University of Text.

Very interesting and active BIM section for FM

If we added the BIM column three years ago to TZB-info, we put it in the Facility Management. We had already believed that the significant benefits of a functional BIM model would be in residential condition. If built for 2 years, build for 2 years and 80 years, it is not surprising that building data is used for the longest building data. Our decision, however, was surprising. We are pleased that the situation has matte and the practice tells us the truth. BIM in FM was part of the FM Week conference, which led a lot of attention.

The BIM release for FM is the actual implementation documentation

Tomáš Minka from Bim.Point in a lecture From prototype to digital twin – BIM model of managerial point BIM as the most problematic identification page identifying documentation of actual implementation. Everything before it is captured and goes. The result is the building handled. But it is necessary to talk about the changes in time of implementation, to keep changes and gathering data from & # 39; the contractor, that's a very tough way. The model should work in construction. It is not so complicated, we do not need educational tools, but the bottom line is that CAFM systems are not connected to the data area. There is so much useful data in the BIM model that there is a problem to fit this data to the building management.

BIM.point is a two-level application. Around the core are attachments and parameters. It is important to link to specific elements. The model must still live with the building to get the reality. Users must be persecuted, as are special and special SWs.
"At the beginning, there is a lot of trouble in the project, and then the base will benefit, but it must already be registered in the tender. If you compete for a construction cost for a prize, this is a problem We can make BIM a price-free offer but also a similar output, which is not the ideal BIM model, " said Minka.

An example of the BIM model, including the actual implementation, is the Nekázanka living room in Prague, where the implementation documentation, the actual status and details of the elements are. Another example is AUPARK, where the model is supplemented, the State Opera also has a BIM model. The building is already a whole series. However, Tomáš Minka set out that he had not seen the model in full version, so that the BIM had to start from the start and to the surgery.

In discussion, a spokesperson for the CAD study heard the process "From a few exotic trees that do not do in BIM to a few exotic do not participate in BIM is now active. If the designer starts the BIM, he wants to ensure that he will end up. If the energy starts at the beginning, it will evaluate it in the following steps. "

Tomáš Minka
Tomáš Minka from Bim.Point, FM 2018 Week in Brno, photo editor
Eva Wernerová and Michal Faltejsek, FAST VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava
Eva Wernerová and Michal Faltejsek, FAST VŠB – TU Ostrava, FM week in Brno 2018, photographer
Josef Remes, FUT DE BRUT
Josef Reims, FAST from Brno, FM week in Brno, photo editor

BIM by FAST VŠB – TU Ostrava is unique because it also contains dynamic processes

Michal Faltejsek in a lecture BIM by FAST VŠB – TU Ostrava The introduction of BIM to & # 39; The faculty asserts that they keep busy with colleagues. BIM is present for the full faculty, which has 25 floors, 14,500 m2 of floor space, using the pilot project. "We first made a 3D model, then a link to the CAFM system and ultimately process optimization," says Faltejsek.
The entire implementation process was found in 7 steps: 1. BIM implementation plan, 2. LoMDm provision, 3. Enormous passport (need another level, for example, TZB under revisions, another level of equipment, so we have different levels & # 39; s have different groups of elements). We were looking for something in the archives, we have something of # the expectations, some of the internet, some of what? and manufacturers … 4. Unification of data in digital form, 5. Transfer to BIM models, 6. Connection with CAFM, 7. Implementation and optimization of FM processes.

"The main problems are: documentation, problematic SW connection, multiple data sources that do not match each other. The advantage of optimizing FM processes is to use FM processes in new contexts and use of the BIM Model for Modernization, Reconstruction and Maintenance, Replace Falsejsek and added one: "Optimization is a long-term process and we need to coordinate the functioning of the building, science and research and other faculty functions. The mapping of the faculty was carried out in conjunction with the students, and the individual departments also attended a year. "

The participants reduced the project to the VŠB is revolutionary because it is also dynamic processes. Even Tomáš Minka confirmed that the dynamic processes of FM are still in BIM.

Use BIM and GeoBIM for FM practice

Petr Glos T-Maps and Josef Remesch VU Brno stated that, although we are already a bit in the BIM models of the building, it is still required as 3D and the information is given here only. But we feel the parameters, classification, classification, usability (for power management, camera …). It's a paradox – PC's make our work easier, but higher quality, more detail is needed.
"At the beginning choose 1 platform, choose references and say the requirements (BEP is set, but important is EIR – for BP / CoBie contract / post contacts … It must be said what it is used, says Josef Reims.

Adding card breaks to data is a great advantage. BIM must be a database where the data are ready. Data must be requested on a shared data base. For example, producing Petr Glos in a simple scheme of hours that always brings the basic info. But if the student offers a route plan, 70 people are not asked at the Concierge, so we can also enter the entrance to the buildings and the lighthouse, drive VZT, light,

Donation Collection is just a start because data maintenance in today's form is the worst task. It's important to get users who have ideally update their data at their ideal.
We often have the feeling that an innovative thing needs to be expensive equipment, but it is often a simple thing that makes a contribution to greater awareness and improvement of common processes.

Other attractions in FM

Configuration or physical management settings

In response to technical lectures by Honeywell, Teco, and KONE, the founding officers were asked about the prescriptions of events that repair, replace, interrupt service. It is precisely the prediction that a better plan for not only makes finances, but from ' The workers in particular, that's an important news.

Vladimír Žaludek, Honeywell, said regulatory elements and equipment collected data available for the construction management and, of course, a number of facilities to provide for, but the most important task is to respond as soon as possible knowledge of & # 39; the current situation. This is the basic formation of building owners, ownership, facilities and security authorities, service techniques, engineering engineers and security technology.

Jozef Györki of KONE introduced 24/7 Connected services in this context and confirmed he used the prediction capabilities in elevators. KONE uses artificial intelligence of IBM Watson. For 4 years, the system has learned to work perfectly. To assess the pregnancy of an event, the signals will be different from using the training of speed signals.

Caution can only be realized without the knowledge of the problem

Pavel Krčílek of the Institute for Media and Communications 11 talks about protecting soft tissues and the importance of a basic physiotherapist of FM staff in individual security issues. "Most of the size of a measure is not an investment investment, but a point of view, sometimes with the knowledge of soft-protection principles, you can achieve a higher value of managed objects and more efficient announcements. item may serve twice, for its primary purpose and security, "explains Pavel Krčílek. The protection of soft targets will also be the theme of training that Pavel Krčílek together with TZB-info will make and we are happy to hear the first candidates at the conference.

Pavel Krcilek, Public Policy Institute, Prague 11
Pavel Krcilek, Institute of Information Technology Praag 11, FM 2018 Week in Brno, photo editor
Petr Brandejský, TZB info
Petr Brandejský, TZB-info, FM week in Brno 2018, photo editor

Incompetent standards and office equipment requirements can lead to professional intelligence

Petr Brandejský of TZB-info represented our portals, and its lecture based on a series of articles about arrangements and related technical equipment of offices, taking into account the rules of color influence, modern design and trends. He pointed out that some standards are binding, but also the negligence of others can lead to accident and occupation syndrome. Color and spatial division is an important element of a modern working part. It is advisable to focus on ecological materials that can be an interesting advantage. Among the examples was the office building of Černovické Terasy, which provides a solution to the whole concept with a number of details, often hidden from the users.

Price of services in contracts

Daniel Štys of DATYS, the architecture, in his asset and property management from FM, has a discussion on training and ownership and intervention in service prices. For example, "are the ability of the Provider Manager to pay for the property of the Provider Manager? The market has shaded many prices and owners have counted it out. Many contracts are old and Pressing on prices is a problem and a smoker circle. "When is the time when the contracts are assessed, it can not be delivered to the contracted price," Daniel Štys asked and persecuted: "The management offer can be treated in two ways: to win or to do well. The future is needed with facilities of the amenities that can make the building as a whole and technical details possible. "

FM problems and risks – from a high degree of justice

Jan Eisenreich of the legal office L. Drha spoke about FM problems and risk of & nbsp; the direction of law, and found that FM contracts have a lot of specifications. It advises concentrate on exit requirements, quantitative and measuring.

The discussions provided that a contract with FM transferred a legal obligation in a cabinet agreement, and the vendor has no criminal liability, but due to problems he must decide that he has adapted the firm that normally the FM- services.
The second thing is what the individual control authorities are from the point of OSH, PO, etc. It is important that everyone is in charge of criminal enforcement to the owner, but he has the right to earn him, including the established contractual find in the training manager, enforcement.
The second option is if the FM tells you about the need to change something and the owner does not. Then it is the responsibility of the owner, but it will be necessary to alert, the way to communicate in the & # 39; a contract will be recorded. Here, the speaker also marks the meaning of a well-established FM contract, as an example of "workmanship is responsible for revisions," or "FM is responsible for revisions and other repairs until …"

The most important TFM conference was held until the evening. The FM prize was held representatives and a social evening at the Queen Elizabeth Winery, one of the "hearts" for the residents of # 39; the Moravian metropolis.

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