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Basketball players in Belgium but won the group. A good result, they say


Czech basketball players in the final game of European Championship qualification lost 62:66 in Belgium. In spite of the first resistance of six duels, she won a group G.

If they won 5 points in the first game in Prague, they got a better balance. It was Romana Heydova who had three sets and 21 points was the best shot of a game.

"Before the start of the qualification we did not think we would be the first to be in a group with a strong Belgian, but we played with the first team in the group, their two super-games," said Heyd.

The Czechs had some advantage for the game, so they played mostly to hold the first place in the group. But the bronze medalists of the European Championship and the 4th World Championship should be required to guarantee their progress according to other results.

The introduction belonged to the Czechos who started with a very good defense and went 12: 4 after 6 minutes. But they were attacked, and ten minutes later they dropped just five points. Belgium, on the other hand, Emma Meesseman starts, marking 17 of his 19th points and 25: 5 scoring and scoring.

"We started good, but the home team was playing and started playing our games, but we won three of four, a good card against a strong team," said coach Štefan Svitek.

In the third part, the Czech battalion Hejdová sent one of the best Czech players in the & # 39; a match and full qualification. They put in three corners in a row and set their self-esteem. The attempts of players began to defend and started a fighter ride.

In the fourth quarter, the young pivot Julia Reisinger, the Messenger stopped and saw an attack, contributed to her. And five minutes at the end came to the difference between just two points.

But they did not take the Belgian duality. Although they scored nine points in nine minutes, at the key moment they started to count off the distance and recaptured a two-digit difference. It was only the last win.

The Czechs did not give up and succeeded in lowering the last four points, when in the last minute he gave three troika. The last one in the last second of # 39; the corner kick from Defending defenders.

"It was me to play three, but they got me tired and I did not play it perfectly. Unfortunately, I just said that I wanted a cookie, and it dropped it just on a basket and it just fell, but it did," she said.

"In the attack we lost the rhythm in the first half, we could get cheap corsets, but we did not yield in spite of the loss of 18 points, and we made a different drama as a team dy & # 39; we are very well presented and this is the most important, but we keep our first place in the group, "said Svitak.

Basketball Qualification for the European Championship 2019:

Group G:

Belgium – Czech Republic 66:62 (12:14, 33:21, 50:41)

Most points: Meessemanova 19, K. Mestdaghova 14, Linskensova 9 – Hejdova 21, Hanušová and Vaughnová after 10 fouls: 12:14. Crime: 9/7 – 11/10. Triple: 7: 8. Get: 42:31.

Germany – Switzerland 78:52.

Final Table:

1. Czech Republic 6 5 1 436: 325 11
2. Belgium 6 5 1 477: 348 11
3. Germany 6 2 4 375: 457 8
4. Switzerland 6 0 6 309: 467 6
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