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Babis discussed with CSSD agents, but the government's speech was not resolved. – ČT24 – Czech television


Babiš arrived at the CSSD club meeting at the Parliamentary Assembly around 17:00 after the government negotiations on the minimum wage were completed at the government office. He accompanied Jan Hamaczek, deputy prime minister and CSSD president. He spent about an hour and a half at the club.

Babiš said on the Czech TV SMS after the meeting: "I have described the whole purposeful and unethical unethical practice of listing a list of people who come out and come to the CSSD Club.

Phil is talking about journalism heinism.

In a meeting with former secretary of the Communist Party of the United States, Bobis said he did not see his resignation. The Communist Party will decide how to vote for distrust of the next state's government.

Philip does not personally see anything new in Babis' s son's News Reporting Server. All the information he said is part of the file for Crow Nest.

"I do not know what is new, someone is abusing someone who is sick, and if this hijinism is considered new information, I consider my information about the so-called reporter's ability to be confirmed," he said. Babis' son also claimed that journalists were filming illegally.

KSCM supported the YES and CSSD governments with a July confidence vote. After Wednesday 's meeting, the Communist Party chairman said the government had convened an executive committee meeting because of a vote of confidence. "With the decision of the group, the club will be preserved," Filip added.

Okamura: There is tension in the government. I used space.

According to Tom Okamura, the SPD will be willing to tolerate the expert government and the government wants to replace the social democrats.

Okamura said, "We immediately took advantage of this space because we knew there was tension in the government. In the latest developments around Cape Hat, he was confident that there was room for SPD enforcement. "We will be having fun this weekend," he added.

According to him, the interview was about the current political reality, but the SPD's proposal to the government was not from YES. "We did not make such a proposal, and we were talking at the program level."

Ministers heard a five minute explanation from Babis.

According to Jana Malacova (CSSD) Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, the prime minister briefly outlined some of the relationships with the current situation in the government session. "In a short speech, he explained some of the situation to his view," Environment Minister Richard Brabec (ANO) added.

Malakova is still showing the truth, according to the opinion of the Socialist Party, that the party has not ruled out any scenarios that could be taken after the coalition. "This is a serious situation and we need to know all the facts," she said. According to her, the report on Babis' son now raises more questions than answers. "Then you can make a qualified statement," she said.

Government officials generally predicted that when they first arrived in the Cabinet, the prime minister would face cases where opposition parties would face attempts to express distrust in Congress. However, it focused on the normal agenda of the government. Like other ministers, the Minister of Industry, Mat Novak, who wants to focus on the government agenda, is not "a subject.

The opposition party announced on Tuesday a motion to express suspicions about the Babis government, and the prime minister urged them to leave the case. The CSSD considers various options depending on the Hamak Interior Minister. Babis told reporters on Tuesday that his son suffered from mental illness and voluntarily left the Czech Republic. Television Watch This list is perceived as an attempt by the prime minister to destroy him and escape politics. Why Babiš can not resign.

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