Friday , January 21 2022

Another variant for the middle. Sadílek also impressed the coach: He met our expectations


The Czechs beat Belarus 2-0 and remain in second place in the qualifying group, although third Wales are just one point behind the score and have one match.

Belarus – Czech Republic 0: 2, Schick secured both goals for the empty stadium

“We could have played even better, been more patient, not let our opponents break,” Sadílek described in an interview with Czech television the direct impressions of the match in the empty stadium in Kazan. “But the most important thing at this stage are the three points we take.”

He spoke modestly and humbly. At the same time he even heard praise from the shouts.

“Sáďa did a lot of work, that is his own, he won a lot of balls, he was one of the most active,” coach Šilhavý calculated the positives.

Sadílek followed the good minutes of the end of the match against Wales (2: 2). When he jumped into Eden on Friday, he could feel himself on the field. He fought, fought, shot. Two shots were blocked by defenders, the third flew high.

“This time, I focused more on finding Fifth Schick in the lime,” he described. “He told me to give him vertical balloons for the game.”

That was the right recipe.

After less than twenty-five minutes, it was the leading Czech goal. “But I did not give Patrik the ideal balloon, it went well for him, but he waited, cleaned it beautifully,” Sadílek appreciated.

And when, after a while, he sent the Czech shooter with a pass to the next tutovka, he grabbed his head, because the balloon jumped two meters next to the Belarusian gate to Schick’s lobe.

“After the break I had a few other tasks on the field. At the bottom, the coach wanted me to attack as actively as possible, to get bouncing balls. I tried to pursue everything, “explained Sadílek, who has been a guest of Eindhoven in Twente since the summer and has now for the first time played a more important role in the senior team.

Of course, the absence of the wounded Holeš and the broken Barák helped him. Also the weaker form of the King, who did not convince in the match with Wales, forced the coaches to change.

But Sadílek, a participant in Euro, definitely demanded attention during his first competitive start for the national team in the basic line-up. For the next time?

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