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Against the blood of Poland. Does it fit with Lewandowsky? | Soccer


GDASK / Prague And tonight there is a football at midnight in Gdask Poland, who leads one of the world's greatest Robert Lewandovski.

Send the poll to the soccer representative. What do you think about Lewandoski?

Philip Novak: Triple Nile rig cricket star. One of the top five planets. Yes, I am sitting.

tonk Matj Vydra: Top, Top, Top. The dumb extratda.

Poland Esko

  • The right duel is played today at 18:00 in Gdask (T Sport).
  • Klossner's main decision (vc.).

Reporting probability:

  • Poland: Fabianski – Bereszynski, Kaminski, Bednarek, Matynia – Blaszczykowski, Gralski, Zielinski, Grosicki – Lewandowski, Piatek.
  • Esko: Pavlenka – Kadebek, Kalas, Elstka, Novak – Pavelka, Darida – Vydra, Dokal, Jankto – Schick.
  • Try online at

Yes, it would be ct.

Brank Tom Vaclk: Lewandowski? I soon think of his pt gl in nine minutes.

How to shoot!

In 2015, it took 8 minutes and 59 seconds depending on the fairy tales. Despite an unbelievable death sentence against Wolfsburg, the Polish captain made a record in the Guinness Book of World Records. This is what I never do. He said softly.

They are hoping they will not be Robert Lewandowski in the last few days.

Messi, Ronaldo … and Lu

The representative of Jaroslav Ilhavm on the new train will be able to clear his rule, and Lewandowskich's concert will not be appropriate.

The problem is that some of the best Polish teams are playing because of some injuries. His name bag in Gdask sydrav in Baltsk moe resonates as well.

Poland Portugal (sadly
And there it is! Thanks.

You meet tonkara in such awkward balance. In the long run, they are probably Superman Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. In the expression of 55 g Lewandowski, he is historically the largest fork. In the 166th anniversary of the famous Bayern München, Paim went only for the fifth season.

It's a good idea to play that kind of game. Lewandowskium vechno. Lion leg, right, head jump, kick, kick, penalty. He is high, fast, and technical. And he is very cold, and he does not want to see it, Vaclk.

It will be the thirties that the national team will resist the preference of Poland and endorse the treaty before it is staged in the middle of the night in Slovakia. In Poland, it is not a point about suicide and interaction. The next battle of the Nation League will be the last in the group and will go down to the Tetra Division. It is suitable for Euro2020 Eurosport class and is not allowed in Eden.

But we will go to the feather of Gustusk, north of Poland. Golden dyed arena for more than 40 tisc watches. To see the mosque or Lewandoski snorkel here, select the blue kick hike to attract stars or kuel.

At the age of seven, he won the Trophy as Poland's best soccer player in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. He played in Real Madrid before the summer world championship in Dortmund, Bavaria, Germany. And that manor changed it. Jene Real swore.

How was the world championship?

Ticetilet Lewandowski, man of Karate Kennel Anne and bodyguard of ivotosprvu had to roll out. MS in Russia did not. Given a gl. He was a struggling star. I was hit or thrown. I would not have had a night that I could not sleep. It hurt me. Its hocness!

Before the tournament began, Polish people boasted that their generation would be only a quarter. reality? The last position of the group. Biao-czerwoni was also fired with the captain, and it's no surprise that Lewandowski ended. He was supposed to find motivation. Nael. He did not want to lie in the wilderness.

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